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Celebrating 60 Years!



Welcome to North Central Michigan College’s Shared History page, which is part of our year-long celebration of being Your Community's College since 1958! 

2018 marks North Central Michigan College's 60th year of ensuring local access to quality higher education for our community's citizens. North Central is part and parcel of our collective heritage and history.

Join us as we take an entertaining and informative trip down memory lane through a series of six monthly magazine inserts, videos and social media.

From January through June, we will examine one decade at a time, taking an amusing look at what was happening during that decade.

Watch for our videos on TV and social media and printed inserts in the Petoskey News Review each month, celebrating a decade of North Central’s history.  You’ll find entertaining information on what was happening at North Central, what was happening in US history, pop culture and the economy during that decade, and hear from some of our well-known alums. Then, join us this summer for a decade-themed community-wide celebration at North Central.  Stay tuned for details.


Are you a North Central alum, and want to participate?

Tell us some of your fond memories on Facebook. We’d love to connect or re-connect with you.


Check out our inserts and videos:

Each month, a new insert and video dedicated to a particular decade will be added.

1958-1967 - The First Decade

Can you guess who this decade's notable alum is? View the insert below (left) to find out! (Insert will be available for viewing beginning January, 2018). Click on the middle link below to view the 1958-1967 video.

Jerry Donnelly








1968-1977 - The 2nd Decade

Can you guess who this decade's notable alum is? View the insert below (left) to find out! (Insert will be available for viewing beginning February, 2018). Click on the middle link below to view the 1968-1977 video.








1978-1987 - The 3rd Decade

Coming in March

1988-1997 - The 4th Decade

Coming in April

1998-2007 - The 5th Decade

Coming in May

2008-2017 - The 6th Decade

Coming in June

We want to thank our community partners for their support!