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Register for Classes

  • To register for classes and access all other student systems log into the North Central Portal and follow the instructions presented there.

Course and Curriculum Information

  • All course information including syllabi, course descriptions, and degree requirements can be found in the North Central Catalog; however, they can also be located individually at the following links:
    • Programs of Study
    • Course Descriptions
    • Degrees and Certificates
    • Distance Learning and Satellite Campuses
    • Transfer Guides

Paying for College

  • Every semester there is an early registration period that offers a deferred payment date. The date that payment is due can be found on the website under "semester payment dates"or by calling theBusiness Office, 348-6609. As of that date, if payment for tuition has not been paid in full; Financial Aid/Student Loans/Scholarships have NOT been verified; or if you are not enrolled with the Automatic Payment Plan - ALL CLASSES WILL BE DROPPED. Keep in mind if your classes get dropped for non-payment there is a possibility they could be full when trying to re-register.
    If registering after early registration, then payment is due at the time of registration.
    For information on your payments, tuition, and other topics please follow the appropriate links below:
    • Automatic Payment Plan
    • Fee Calculator
    • Financial Aid
    • Refund Policy and Semester Payment Dates
    • Scholarship and Grants
    • Tuition and Fees

Records and Registrar

  • The Registrar at North Central Michigan College is responsible for keeping all student records and ensuring compliance with FERPA and other federal, state and local laws.  Additionally, the Registrar examines incoming transcripts to allow for transfer of incoming credits, audits, graduation applications, and is responsible for various federal and state reporting. For contact information, hours, and more information regarding the Registrar’s services or to access your records visit the Registrar’s homepage here.