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Welcome to North Central Michigan College. I am pleased that you will be part of our instructional team. North Central is committed to delivering a high quality educational experience for our students, and we need you to help us fulfill that promise. You have been selected to be a part of our team because of your skills and expertise in your field. Our students expect a great deal from our adjunct faculty, and it is my hope that you will provide a challenging and stimulating experience for your students. For many of our students, you will be the only contact the student has with a representative of the college.
Rick Barber
I trust that you will value your unique position at North Central. I invite you to become an active member of our college community by participating in professional development opportunities, workshops and other campus activities.

Please stop by my office anytime if I can be of assistance or give me a call.

Best wishes for a successful and productive experience.
Rick Barber
Director of Adjunct Faculty



New Adjunct
Adjunct faculty are hired on an as-needed basis for specific courses at the college. The number of openings varies each semester, but North Central is always looking for highly-qualified adjunct faculty. To qualify as an adjunct instructor you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to the course. However, Master’s degrees and higher are always preferred. For more information regarding pay and requirements please continue reading here.

  • Adjunct Online Orientation
    Adjuncts are encouraged to read through the Adjunct Orientation to help establish a better understanding of North Central Michigan College.
  • Adjunct Faculty Directory
    For a complete list of adjunct faculty members currently at North Central continue here.
  • Adjunct Faculty Handbook
    The Adjunct Faculty Handbook serves as both an introduction to North Central for new Adjunct Faculty and a guide for those familiar with the college. The Handbook is design to help you understand many of the specific procedures and practices the college has that are relevant to your work. To view the Adjunct Faculty Handbook go here.