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Adjunct Faculty - Contact Information

Contact Information

Director of Adjunct Faculty
Rick Barber


Adjunct Faculty Liaison
Jennifer Kandt


Associate Dean of Liberal Arts
Sarah M.Glasgow
(231) 348-6604


Associate Dean of
Occupational Programs

Pete Olson
(231) 348-6619


Associate Dean of Nursing
Mary Miles
(231) 348-6658

Human Resources
Fill out tax forms and hiring info
Diana Souza,
Human Resources
(231) 348-6837


VP of Student Affairs
Naomi Dewinter

Computer Labs
Dave Boring
(231) 348-6838


Learning Support Services
(231) 348-6817

Liz Otto, Tutoring
(231) 348-6693


Faculty Typist
Located in Administration Office
Hours posted after first week of classes
(231) 348-6707


Director of Off Campus Programming
Michele Andrews
231-597-0322 (Cheboygan)
989-705-3775 (Gaylord)