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Cameron's Comments


Dear Students,

Happy Finals Week! I want to wish you well as you wrap up your course work for winter semester.

It may have seemed overwhelming at times, but you have had the strength and courage to hang in there - even when dropping out may have seemed like a possible option. All semester, I have been stressing how important it is to finish what you start! I am hoping that you finish strong this semester.

I also want to thank you for choosing North Central as your higher education provider. The College takes great pride in the caliber of our students; we are very proud of all of the things you have accomplished.

At our graduation ceremony this Friday, we will hear from one of our exceptional graduates, Lisa Lawrason, who teaches at Delta College near Bay City and is enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Wayne State University. She received her Associate of Science degree from North Central in 1999. Lisa is a prime example of the exceptional students who pass through our doors; we are so proud of her accomplishments.

Please also know that I am very proud of what you have accomplished. Perhaps, 10 years from now, you can return to North Central to deliver the commencement address! I’d love that to happen for you!

So hang in there this week and stay focused. It’s almost over. Finish strong!

Take care of yourself. If you are not graduating yet, I hope to see you in the fall!

Cameron Brunet Koch

Cameron Brunet-Koch, Ph.D.