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Community Satisfaction Survey

Photo of hand measuring CNC machine part

The majority of new jobs that are being created now and into the foreseeable future will require some post-secondary education. 

Since 2006, North Central has developed many innovative programs and services to meet the changing needs of our student population, area residents and businesses. 

A recent North Central Michigan College Community Satisfaction Survey completed by HARBOR, Inc. revealed that residents feel the primary purpose of North Central is to offer courses or degrees that assist students when "transferring to another college" and when "entering the job market". The survey also revealed that respondents are pleased with the quality and value of a North Central eduction; giving high marks for the:

  • "delivery of a quality education"
  • "high academic value vs. the cost of attendance"

The most utilized activities/services are:

  • "fitness and wellness facilities"
  • "cultural opportunities and events"

When asked what descriptions come to mind when they think of North Central, the majority of respondents said:

  • our "local hometown, community college"
  • affording "access, convenience and opportunity for all"
  • providing "quality and excellence in education"


If the November 8 ballot proposal passes, it will provide North Central with essential financial support to continue programs and services that have benefited students and other members of this community for more than 50 years, such as:

  • Providing a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for jobs, careers and continuing education

  • Sponsoring community events that attracted more than 2,000 participants last year

  • Offering innovative programming such as Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining, Early College, experiential learning

  • Increasing our graduates' lifetime earnings by $459,000 over persons who have only a high school diploma

  • Offering tuition-free classes for Emmet county residents over 60