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Economic Impact Study

According to a recent Economic Impact Study, completed by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, North Central Michigan College has a major positive economic impact on the region, and significantly increases its graduates' lifetime earnings. To view the complete Economic Impact Study, click here.


Economic Impact

With an annual budget of nearly $16 million in 2015, North Central Michigan College’s full- and part-time faculty and staff numbered 346, and its enrollment reached 2,633 in the year’s winter semester. The College is among the top five, year-round largest employers in Emmet County.


NCMC’s economic contribution is measured by its impact on:

  • Total year-round employment in the region, both full and part time;

  • Personal income of the region’s full-time residents which includes earned income, such as wages and salaries, and unearned income such as pensions and dividends; note that personal income is based on where someone lives while wages are based on where someone works;

  • The increase in total sales: the purchase of all goods and services in the region including purchases made by businesses to suppliers; and

  • The change in the service area’s Gross Regional Product (GRP). 

Due solely to the presence of North Central Michigan College, there are 1,470 additional jobs in the region; total sales are $253.6 million higher; personal income is $66.1 million greater; and the region’s Gross Regional Product is $120.2 million higher.


impact on its graduates' potential earnings



The students attending North Central Michigan College can also expect a significant increase in their lifelong earnings.




  • Over the course of their working careers, associate-degree holders in northern Michigan earn $459,000 more than persons who only have a high school diploma. 

  • Individuals holding an associate’s degree in Northern Michigan had a low 6.3 percent unemployment rate in 2013 (most current data available) compared to a high 12.2 percent rate for persons with only a high school degree.

  • Annual earnings for associate-degree holders in Northern Michigan were $34,000 in 2013 compared to $22,800 for individuals with only a high school diploma. 

  • The net present value of the return on investment for a student successfully completing a two-year associate’s degree while living at home, which discounts the value of future earnings, is estimated to be $10.70 for each dollar he/she spent on tuition and foregone income while attending school. 

  • North Central offers an extremely affordable avenue to earn a four-year bachelor degree at any of the state's four-year colleges or universities. Emmet County students can save nearly $43,000 when obtaining a degree from the University of Michigan by attending North Central and living at home during the first two years of the four-year degree.


Estimated Cost Savings of Attending North Central for the First Two Years and Completing a Bachelor's Degree at a Four-Year University

2015-2016 School Year

Student living at home while attending North Central

College or University


University of Michigan


Michigan State University


Central Michigan University


Northern Michigan University