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Early College


Early College

High school students:  If you have worked hard to be academically prepared, you can jump-start your college career now. Through Early College, you can earn college credits while in high school.  You can benefit in several ways:

  • Experience college-level courses
  • Earn college credit
  • Expand your abilities and possibilities
  • Reduce the overall cost of a college education

The purpose of Early College is to enrich the high school curriculum with college-level material. Our hope is that your experience will be positive and you will continue on in college after high school.  

Early College is for high school students. There are three options:

  • Dual enrollment at one of North Central's campus locations;
  • Direct credit for students in the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District;
  • Articulated credit.

Federal Financial Aid is not available for early college students.  However, if you fail or do not complete a college course, including a withdrawal, it may affect your ability to obtain scholarships or federal financial aid as a freshman at North Central.  Please talk with your high school counselor for more details.


Dual Enrollment

North Central offers high school students the opportunity to attend college while still in high school and earn college and high school credit through Dual Enrollment.  Participating students are currently attending public and private high schools or being home schooled. Dual enrolled students are considered college students for the purposes of college policies.

Students attend class at North Central locations (Petoskey, Gaylord, East Jordan, Cheboygan, or an approved high school location). Classes are taught by North Central faculty members. Grades and credit are recorded on official, permanent North Central transcripts for participating students.

Note: Some colleges and universities will not allow credit for college courses used to meet high school graduation requirements. Granting of college transfer credit rests with the transfer institution.
Dual Enrollment Guidelines are set by the State of Michigan, each high school and each college. The State of Michigan has recently changed the Dual Enrollment regulations.  Below is a link to the new bill that was passed on May 15, 2012 with the effective date July 1, 2012.  Please contact your high school counselor if you have any questions.

Dual Enrollment Eligibility Criteria:

  • Enroll in content areas not offered by the school district;
  • Take a college course offered during the school district's regular academic year;
  • Elect to take course(s) for high school credit, college credit or both;
  • Meet any course prerequisites;
  • Meet qualifying assessment test scores;
  • Complete all admission and course enrollment paperwork;
  • See your high school counselor for additional criteria which may apply.

Tuition and fees for public and non-public school students may be paid for by the school district, per dual enrollment guideline. Students are required to pay for books and any charges not paid by the school district.  Students are advised to speak to high school personnel regarding possible costs before enrolling for classes. High school students are not eligible for college financial aid. Home schooled students enrolling in college courses are responsible for all costs incurred.

Below are some links to additional information:

Direct Credit

North Central and the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District have initiated a pilot project that will allow qualified high school students in Emmet, Charlevoix and northern Antrim counties to take certain high school courses for credit at both the high school and college level. Students attend class at their high school.  Classes are taught by high school teachers who have been credentialed by North Central to serve as college instructors for these courses. Credit is recorded on official, permanent North Central Michigan College transcripts for participating students.  See your high school guidance counselor for details.

Direct Credit Eligibility:

To participate in direct credit, you must first meet the eligibility requirements of your high school. Work with your high school guidance counselor to find out if you qualify. 

North Central Michigan College has the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at the high school, taking at least one high school course.
  • Meet any criteria deemed appropriate by the high school or Intermediate School District.
  • Be enrolled in one of the identified and approved Direct Credit Courses at your high school.
  • Apply for Admission as a North Central Michigan College direct credit student using the College’s Student and Community Portal.
  • Complete the Direct Credit Final Assessment Registration form with parents and high school counselor
  • Earn a minimum grade of B (3.0 on a 4 point scale) in the high school course prior to taking the final assessment.
  • Pass the final assessment administered by North Central Michigan College with a minimum score of 75%.  Final examinations will be administered to students at North Central Michigan College campus in Petoskey or another testing site designated by the College.
  • Students who successfully pass the examination will receive Direct Credit hours which will be recorded on the student’s North Central Michigan College permanent record.

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Articulated Credit   

High school career and technical education classes that are aligned with North Central courses. No tuition is charged for Articulated Credit courses.  Students who wish to use articulated credit must do the following:

  • Complete these high school classes with a "B" or higher;
  • Enroll in a certificate or degree program at North Central;
  • Obtain and submit a recommendation from the high school instructor verifying that the student is eligible for advanced standing;
  • Pass a standardized test or successfully complete an interview with the North Central instructor of the course under consideration; and
  • Request the articulated credit within 12 months of high school graduation.