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Student Success - Hybrid Courses

Hybrid Course Offerings

In a hybrid class, students receive a portion of their instruction in the classroom and a portion on-line.  The amount of class time varies with the class but, in all cases, the amount of time spent in class with the instructor will be significantly less than in conventional classes. More than half of the instructional content will be delivered on line.  Hybrid classes are designated in the course schedule by “HY” plus the section number.    
Classes that deliver instructional content on-line are not for everyone.  Students taking a hybrid or fully on-line class should carefully assess their ability to learn in this environment.  

Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Can I navigate the Internet with ease?
  • Am I comfortable reading 30 minutes or more at a time on line?
  • Can I commit significant amounts of time, up to 10 hours per week, to on-line study?
  • Am I able to study and complete assignments on time on my own?
  • Do I express myself well in writing?
  • Can I type 30 words per minute or more with accuracy?     
    For additional information about each hybrid class, contact the instructor.