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International lecture series

International lecture series.



In partnership with the Petoskey District Library, North Central offers a series designed for learners of all ages. Enjoy intellectual adventures and great conversations led by North Central instructors and hosted by the library. Genealogy and Gentle Yoga will be held at the college campus.
Class listed below will be held in the Library Classroom on the lower level of the Petoskey District Library.

Join North Central instructor and Pastor Toby Jones for a great discussion of the major religions, their underlying ideas and impact on history and today’s events.
Fridays, OCT 2-23, from 12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM
$40/series of 4 classes or register individually $12/class

The Contemporary Religious Landscape In America: What in the World Is Going on Here?
FRI, OCT 2, 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Petoskey District Library, Lower Level Conference Room $12
A look at the causes of declining church membership, implications and future of American Christianity.

Islam & Christianity – A Tenuous and Tricky Relationship
FRI, OCT 9, 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Petoskey District Library, Lower Level Conference Room $12
What lies at the heart of the deep animosity between these two Abrahamic faiths? What are the theological and scriptural sources of their conflict? Is there a roadmap for moving beyond tolerance to respect?

Hinduism & Buddhism – Coming to America
FRI, OCT 16, 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Petoskey District Library, Lower Level Conference Room $12

These two ancient Eastern faiths used to be significant and influential only in India and Asia. But now millions of Americans are turning to their teachings and practices. From packed yoga studios to Mindfulness Meditation Centers, it is clear that these faiths are here to stay.

The Rise of the Nones – Who Are They and How Have They Multiplied So Quickly?
FRI, OCT 23, 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Petoskey District Library, Lower Level Conference Room $12

Recent national attention has been given to this new “religious” category - the NONES – those with no religious affiliation. While a small percentage of Nones consider themselves atheists, more than 2/3 of them believe in God; they simply don’t want anything to do with a church or organized religion. We will examine this growing phenomenon, its impact on American culture and its future.


Each semester, North Central’s International Committee, in partnership with the Michigan Global Awareness Consortium, brings free international events to campus. Students and community members are welcome to attend all international events. Please see for details.


Serving in the Syrian Refugee Camps

Wed, Oct. 21, 12:00 Noon Free Presentation
Iron Horse Café $10 – Middle Eastern Buffet
Lunch begins at 11:30 AM
Dr. Rhodes of Questscope, an international organization which has provided services to refugees in the Middle East since 1991, will discuss his most recent trip to the Syrian refugee camps – conditions, changes and opportunities for assistance.

Germany 25 Years after Re-Unification
MON, Nov. 2, 12:00 Noon Free
Library Conference Center
Dr. Thomas Greven, Professor at the Freie Universität in Berlin

Where does East Germany stand today economically, politically, socially, and culturally on the 25th anniversary of re-unification? This relatively small area includes dramatic contrast in its political, economic and technological realities. Learn about the impact of the Great War and the Wall on the people of East Germany.