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Wearing O' The Green

Yep, that’s you.  From the beginning, you loved caregiving.  Your first doctor’s kit was a huge delight. Taking your brother’s temperature, checking mom’s blood pressure, listening to heartbeats. And the moment you got your first set of green scrubs, you knew you were on the right path.

North Central has a wide array of health care programs just for you.  Whether you’re looking to be a medical assistance, surgical technologist, paramedic or nurse, you will find your start at North Central and reap the rewards that come from caring for and helping people in need.

Find your purpose today.



Certified Nurse Aide (CD), Eldercare (C), Emergency Medical Services Basic (CD), Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic (AAS) and (C), Emergency Medical Technician (non-degree), Medical Assistant (C), Medical Billing and Coding (C) and (CD), Nursing (AAS), Phlebotomy Technician (CD), Surgical Technologist (AAS) and (C).