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North Central houses permanent records and official transcripts in the Student Services office. All final course grades are recorded on an official transcript of academic credit which is considered to be a complete and true record of all academic coursework attempted and/or completed at North Central. All grades and status symbols submitted and recorded on an official college transcript will be considered final and no changes will be made after one (1) calendar year. Any perceived clerical error must be brought to the attention of the Dean of Student Services or Registrar during this one-year period.


Grading System

Click here to access your grades online. You will need your student ID and PIN to enter.

Calculating Your Grade Point Average:
To calculate your grade point average, use the grade received or anticipated honor point value multiplied by the number of credits assigned to the course. Then divide the total honor points for the semester by the total number of credit hours for the semester.

BIO 101 B = 3 honor points per credit x 4 credit hours = 12 honor points

ENG 111 A = 4 honor points per credit x 3 credit hours= 12 honor points

MTH 113 C= 2 honor points per credit x 4 credit hours= 8 honor points

32 total honor points divided by 11 total credit hours= 2.90 semester GPA