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Apply for Graduation

Students who expect to qualify for their degree by the close of any enrollment period MUST complete an Application for Graduation. Click here for a printable, downloadable Application for Graduation form (you'll need to have Acrobat Reader installed). Forms are also available from the Student Services office. Applications must be received by the application deadline listed on the application to be eligible to graduate for that semester. Applications received after the deadline will only be eligible for the following semester.

Students are reminded:

  1. To see an advisor to verify that they qualify for their degree;
  2. A second degree requires completion of a minimum of 15 credits beyond the award of the first degree;
  3. To consult the portions of the NCMC Catalog which describe various degree requirements;
  4. A request for degree may not be approved unless the applicant begins his/her final semester with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and may reasonably be expected to have completed all necessary coursework satisfactorily by the date of degree award;
  5. Degree awards are not actually recorded on official college records until final grades have been submitted and eligibility confirmed;
  6. Diplomas are mailed directly to recipients, usually several weeks after the end of the semester.

Graduation Ceremony
Commencement is held once each year on the final day of the Winter Semester, although degrees and certificates may be conferred effective on the last day of any college enrollment period. December graduates are invited to participate in May's commencement ceremony and should attend the Graduation Rehearsal.

Commencement will be held on Friday, May 8th, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. in the SCRC Auditorium. Graduates need to arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. for preparation. Upon approval of your Application for Graduation you will receive information pertaining to the dates and time of Graduation Rehearsal as well as Commencement.

Graduation Rehearsal

If you are planning to participate in Graduation you will need to attend rehearsal.
Rehearsal will be held on Friday, May 8th @ 9:00 a.m. in the SCRC Auditorium.
At rehearsal you will receive information about what to expect at the Commencement ceremony.


Cap and Gowns will be available for pickup at the 2015 "Gradfest", or at the College Store thereafter. If you are unable to stop by the College Store, you may call them at 231-348-6606 to make arrangements.

Diplomas will be mailed to students following the Confirmation of Grades for the Winter Semester. You should expect to receive your diploma in the mail within 6-8 weeks after Commencement.


MACRAO Transfer Agreement

Students receiving an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree will automatically receive MACRAO (Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) Certification upon Graduation. Other students completing the 30 credit hours needed for MACRAO completion must request their transcript to be stamped "MACRAO Agreement Satisfied." The MACRAO Transfer Agreement is designed to simplify the transfer of students from one institution to another. The agreement stipulates that 30 semester credit hours of 100-level-and-above, compatible, general coursework will be granted smooth transferability to participating universities.