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Tuition and Fees

Emmet County Residents: $77.50 per contact hour
Other Michigan Residents: $128.00 per contact hour
Out of State Residents: $165.25 per contact hour


Registration Fee: $3.00 per credit hour

Activity Fee: (Petoskey campus courses for Fall and Winter only): $1.50 per credit hour, up to 15 credit hours.

Technology Fee: $4.00 per credit hour


Course Fee:
Some classes have additional fees to cover the cost of materials and supplies, or to compensate for breakage or consumables. The course fee amount can be found in the course schedule book for the semester under the column "Credits/Fees."

Building and Energy Conservation Fee: $10.00 per credit hour to be for all sections that are located on the Petoskey Campus. This will also include the online courses.

Off-Campus Operations Fee: $2.50 per credit hour to be charged for all sections that are located off the Petoskey Campus. This does not include on-line courses.

Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Credit Card (online or by phone), or "FACTS" Payment Plan.

For more information contact: 231-348-6609 or 231-348-6803.

Tuition rates, fees, refunds, and deposits are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.