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The Young Americans
The Young Americans

North Central Michigan College Young Americans Frequently Asked Questions


How Does the Young American- North Central Program Work?

You will be taking North Central classes in California and Young American classes in California. In addition, some students may be taking online North Central classes. You will be earning college credit for the North Central classes but not the Young American performance classes. Therefore, financial aid is not available for the Young American classes. We will count only the North Central credit hours you are enrolled in to determine financial aid eligibility.  You will pay for the classes after your orientation in California. You will be billed separately for the North Central classes and the Young American classes.

If I attended another college or university after or during high school should I have a copy of my transcript sent?

Yes, contact the school(s) previously attended and request an OFFICIAL transcript be sent to us. The transcript must be sent directly from the previous school to our Records Office at 1515 Howard Street, Petoskey, MI 49770. Once received, your transcript will be evaluated and eligible credits will be transferred. This means if you have taken a class previously that we transferred in, you would not need to take it again.  You must have a “C” or better in courses to be considered for transfer to North Central.  North Central will transfer in up to 45 credit hours toward a degree. This saves you money and time toward a degree.  

What is an Associate of General Studies Degree and what are the requirements?

The Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree is a flexible program designed to provide some of the general education courses found in the first two years toward a bachelor’s degree. If you plan on transferring to a university you would want to do some additional planning so you need to let the advisor know of your plan. To earn an AGS a student must successfully complete 60 college-level credit hours. The breakdown of credits is as follows:

Communications: 9 credit hours
English 111 offered in California
English 112
Communications 111 
Humanities 3 credits –MUS 130 offered in California
Social Sciences 3-4 credits-PSY 161 offered in California
Natural Sciences-4 credits-Biology 133
Mathematics 3-4 credits Satisfied by one of the following courses:
Any Math course above 100
Business Math (B104)—B104 offered in California  
General Elective Courses  36-39 credit hours. Electives should be carefully chosen.

Courses will be offered on-classroom, online, or in hybrid (combined online and ground) formats.

Can I complete the 60 credits necessary for the AGS in two years?

It is possible, but you are entering a rigorous program combining Young American performance courses with college courses. In addition, being part of a touring company will add additional time needed to complete your degree.
North Central Michigan College is a fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC places limitations on all schools offering off-site programs. For North Central and the YA program that means no more than 27 credit hours may be taken in a classroom format in California and no more than 29 credit hours may be taken in online/hybrid coursework through North Central. This means to earn a degree all students will have transfer, CLEP or AP credits brought in from another college or university or take courses at a North Central Michigan campus location.   The number of credit hours will vary with each student.      

Each semester there will be 12 credit hours available for you.  So that would add up to 4 semesters x 12=48 credit hours. This leaves 12 additional credits of electives to be taken. North Central has regular online courses available outside of the Young American curriculum. These elective courses can be added in the fall, winter, and summer sessions. You may also wish to wait until you are done with Young Americans to compete the degree. You may take classes online through North Central or transfer courses from a local college back to North Central later.

 Online courses are in demand by our Michigan students as well as Young American students, so do not wait to select these courses. Please note that regular online courses will have a different payment deadline than Young American courses. These courses must be paid for by the deadline or have financial aid approved for them not to be cancelled.  

When and how will I register for my classes?

Registration for classes will occur during your Young American Orientation in California in August.
However, if you had prior credit from another college or university and need to take some “regular” North Central online courses you can register for those once you have completed the steps above.

Regular North Central registration dates are on the College Academic Calendar; to view online go to the  to the Young Americans location on the home page.

If I want to take an online course, what do I do?

Using the College calendar when available you can view the schedule to determine what classes are available for the upcoming semester. Then when the registration begins you can log in to the Portal and go to Register for Classes. If you need assistance in walking through this process of registering or selecting appropriate classes, please call me at 231.439.6511 The Records office can help you with the process but not selection of classes call them at 231.348.6625. Remember that regular North Central online courses will follow the regular North Central payment deadline which is different than the YA payment schedule.

Approximately how much will my North Central classes cost?


Where do I get my textbooks?

Textbooks will be available online for the North Central online classes you take. Go to, under Registration, click on Young Americans, once there click on College Store. For the classes in California you will buy the books there. 


The Financial Aid Award Guide is available through the Portal, we recommend you read it and become familiar with the terms of your award especially academic progress.


How can I check to see if my financial aid has been processed?

Login to the Student Portal and click on My North Central button, then, click on the Students tab, choose My Financial Aid. On this page you can check your awards, documents, and view an Award Guide. It is important to know the expectations and guidelines for the receipt of financial aid. In addition, check your mymail account regularly as the financial aid staff will send information to you via this account. 

Can I use my financial aid for expenses other than my North Central tuition and fees?

Award and loan money will be applied to North Central tuition and fees first. If any monies are remaining, a refund check will be issued in late October. If you have a Pell Grant, textbooks may be charged against your financial aid through the North Central bookstore.  Note: make sure you have enough Pell funds to cover tuition and fees before you charge books or be aware you will owe additional money later.

Can my parents/guardians call and ask questions about my financial aid, class schedule, account balance, etc?

The Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) limits what information North Central can share with individuals other than the student. In order to release information to your parents, North Central requires an Authorization of Non-Directory Information Disclosure Form on file. Please fill out the disclosure and fax to Renee De Young at 231.439.6347. Be sure to list each individual you want us to be able to discuss your situation with and sign the bottom. The form allows for two individuals to be listed. If you want to permit more than two people, please attach a second disclosure form. Form is available online by going to, under Registration, click on Young Americans, then click on Release of Information Form.  

What if I need to withdraw from a class?

First, talk to Mike Krauss at the Young American program; he can advise you of your opinions. 

Before you withdraw you should know the withdrawal policy, the financial and financial aid consequences. Talk to a financial aid staff member to discuss the impact on your financial aid academic progress and future eligibility. Below read the College withdrawal and refund policy before you make your final decision.

Withdrawal from Classes
A student will receive a Withdraw (W) if he/she withdraws before 5:00 p.m., Friday of the 14th week during the regular semester, or before 5:00 p.m., Friday of the sixth week of the summer semester. A “W” grade will appear on the official transcript without penalty. Withdrawals are completed online using North Central’s web registration module. A student is responsible for all activity on his/her student record. Proof of transactions must be maintained by the student and provided to the College for appeals. A copy of the confirmation screen verifying added/dropped courses(s) or a dated printout of the student’s schedule can serve as proof.     

North Central Michigan College Refund Policy:
Refunds will be made according to the following schedule:
Fall and Winter Semesters;
Starting with the first day of the semester, 90 percent o tuition and fees will be refunded until                the second Friday of the semester. After that time, there be no refund.
Summer Session: The refund schedule applies to the first Friday of the semester rather than the second Friday of the semester.
Short Semester courses (fewer than 15 weeks):
100 percent of tuition and fees will be refunded if the course is dropped prior to the first class                meeting. After that date, there will be no refund. 


Contacts Us:
General College office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m. unless noted. 

General Questions and Academic Advising
Paula Welmers, Ed.D, LPC – Counselor and General Contact Person


Financial Aid (grants, loans, scholarships)

Scott Boop, Financial Aid Advisor


Christine Breed

Billing Questions

Heather Dow, Business Office Cashier

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