Feeling like you belong to something and that you have a ‘person’ in life is all anyone wants. In 1986, I started school at North Central Michigan College and it gave me both on the first day. I was in Mr. Verhelle’s class when he had the class go around and introduce themselves and tell an interest that we have. I was new to Petoskey, just moving here from downstate, and did not know anyone, but that introduction led me to what has become a 31-year friendship. I found my person and had a sense of belonging. I graduated with an associate degree and started working at Si’s Marina.  

I started school again at North Central Michigan College to further my degree enrolling in a ‘three and one program’ with Lake Superior State University. I was able to take every class at the Petoskey campus while I continued working and raising a family.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree.

At North Central Michigan College you feel important and the staff really cares about you and your success; teachers know each student and support them as they work towards a goal. Everything I have done in my career has brought me to where I am today. I am grateful for North Central as they are a community college that keeps the pulse of the community and continually updates programs in response to the needs.