Having grown up in Petoskey, I was lucky enough to find my way back to this beautiful area five years ago to work at a place that changed my academic and personal life. In 2003, I graduated from North Central with a new passion for education and a goal that one day I would return to the place that inspired me to be more.

There were many stops along the way, Michigan State University where I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees and the University of Kentucky where I earned a doctorate in communication and new media. After completing my doctoral degree I took a job at Delta College near Saginaw, Michigan but I always longed to be back up north.

When the Communication faculty position opened at North Central I crossed my fingers that with my educational preparation and a little luck I would get the job. Everything aligned and here I am five years later back in the place that made me –well me.

My family is close by and I have an amazing husband that helps complete my life. Every day I feel so fortunate to be a part of a community that inspires people. My career is more than a job it is a part of my life –a part of my family. Each student is a member that although may only stay for a short time is one that I hope to inspire to be a better person and continue on his/her educational journey.

Dr. Jenny Maginnis is a Petoskey native who found her way back to northern Michigan after an educational journey that took her to Michigan State University for two degrees (bachelor’s and master’s) and the University of Kentucky for a Ph.D. in Communication and Social Media. Jenny is the Communication instructor, teaching courses in public speaking (beginning and advanced), interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication and social media.

Her belief in the empowering nature of communication guides her skill-based course design. Jenny believes in engaging students and giving them the communication skills to better manage their personal and professional relationships. About her students Jenny states, “They inspire me every day to go beyond just research based knowledge and seek out practical skills to help them deal with their daily communication.” The field of communication has changed significantly in recent years with the increase in social media. Jenny’s priority is in incorporating new media and its impact into day-to-day communication.