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University Center

Getting Started

BEGINNING YOUR CAREER at North Central's University Center.

The University Center (UC) is a standalone location that hosts senior universities offering select bachelor’s, graduate and certificate programs right here at North Central Michigan College.


Get Started With This Easy List


View each available program by reviewing the programs and courses page.

Reach Out to staff.

Contact the university who has the program you're looking into. Every university will have a representative who will answer program questions, help with academic advising, admissions, tuition and assorted fees. They are there to help you answer questions and thrive when you succeed! Contact information for individual program staff is located within the description.

Get Started. Right Here, right now.

After you have decided on an academic program, you will apply directly to the university that offers the program here at North Central in Petoskey. Once you have been accepted, you will use North Central's campus as your main campus, attending classes and study sessions as if it was the college in which you were enrolled. North Central can be your home no matter which university you choose to attend.


We Are Here To Help. Ask Us What Matters For College.


start Building Your Success Story today.