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About the Campaign

Building Tomorrow Together is a project designed to provide our students with an engaging and exciting learning environment with tools and technology to prepare them for the challenges of a dynamic, digital world.



Remember that one instructor who had such a positive impact on you?



All excellent instructors inspire learners to fully engage and do their best work.

These instructors draw upon learning science and deep discipline knowledge to create high-quality learning experiences which cause students to remember the profound influence these talented instructors had on their educational journey. Today’s generation of excellent instructors have an added advantage through the use of technology-enabled tools and redesigned learning spaces that provide personalized and connected experiences to all students.


together, we are:

  • transforming learning

  • providing the technology and physical spaces for the next generation of students to make lasting memories of their own


Instructors are using technology to reimagine courses in ways that more actively engage students, are more inclusive of different learning needs, and enable a collaborative and flexible learning environment.

  • Technology can be used to design high-fidelity, real-world challenges and scenarios, such as simulations and virtual laboratories, so students can collaborate to master skills in virtual settings.

  • Technology solutions that meet a born accessible standard can ensure that all students will be able to participate in these active learning experiences, regardless of their diverse learning needs. This can include creation and use of data that provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of course components and the relevance of learning resources, and can help instructors adjust the pace and content of their courses accordingly. They can design engaging activities that lead to better learning outcomes for their students.

  • Because technology is fast becoming an essential tool in most industries, courses and programs can be adapted to changes in workforce demand; thereby, enhancing students’ employability.


Repurposing the main classroom building for better utilization of new technologies and adaptable learning spaces contributes to the success of our students who transfer to four-year colleges or universities, as well as yields benefits in talent development for our area employers and ultimately in the health for our region.