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Current Students

If you have questions or prefer to speak with someone, please call 231-348-6605.


Financial Relief for Residence Hall Students

The college recognizes the abrupt disruption to Residence Hall students’ living-learning experience caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  To help ease this financial hardship, North Central refunded Winter 2020 room and board costs for the seven weeks remaining after the March 15 closure of the Residence Hall.  


Financial Relief for Student-Employees

The college also compensated all student-employees through May 8 as though they had worked those hours.  In addition, the college is issuing Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund grants, authorized via the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, to eligible students. 

“It is our aim to do all that we reasonably can to enable our students to focus on their studies during this challenging time,” said Dr. David Roland Finley, North Central president.

Student Emergency Fund Relief for All Students

Finally, the college’s Student Emergency Fund, which awards grants to students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardships that threaten their academic success, is open to all North Central students, regardless of whether they have received assistance in the past.  Thanks in part to the generosity of donors during the college’s “North Central Cares” campaign, the college has also increased the dollar amount students are eligible to receive.  Applications for Student Emergency Fund dollars are open, and financial assistance is awarded daily.  For more information, contact Renee DeYoung.