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Prospective Students

If you have questions or prefer to speak with someone directly, please call 231-348-6605.


New Students can use self-reported GPA for Placement

New students can now use their self-reported high school GPA to determine placement into English and math courses.  Students may also submit an ACT or SAT score if they have taken either test in the past.  Those students who have neither a high school GPA or an ACT or SAT score can take an ACCUPLACER test through Learning Support Services at  

“We know that prospective students have a lot on their plate, from completing their senior year of high school online to caring for their families during this pandemic,” said Renee DeYoung, vice president of Student Affairs.  “Our goal is to make the next step as easy as possible by eliminating as many potential barriers as we can.” 

Flexible scholarship distribution 

Finally, multiple scholarship application cycles give students more flexibility to apply for scholarship dollars.  An application cycle that opens June  and runs through August is for scholarships to be awarded for the Fall 2021 semester.  The next cycle, which runs October  – November, is for scholarships to be awarded for the Winter 2022 semester.

 “Multiple application cycles will allow us to distribute scholarship funds more equitably throughout the year,” said Katie Malone, director of Financial Aid.  “Students who decide late in the summer to attend North Central beginning in the fall will not be at a disadvantage relative to students who applied for scholarships earlier in the year.”