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Residency for Tuition Purposes

North Central recognizes three separate residency groupings for purposes of levying tuition rates:


In-District (Emmet County residents), In-State (Michigan residents who live outside of Emmet County) and Out-of-State (residents of other states). For residency determination, a student must have resided within the State of Michigan or in Emmet County for at least six months immediately prior to the first day of classes of the semester in which he/she plans to enroll.


As part of the enrollment process, all students must certify their residency status. The College verifies a student's residency each fall semester. The College reserves the right to require residency documentation at any time. Students who change their legal residence must complete an Application for Residency Change form available in Student Services. The form must be accompanied by documentation proving legal residency. Proof can be a Michigan driver's license, rent receipt or agreement, property tax receipt, voter registration card, or an identification card from a Secretary of State office. The College reserves the right to make the final decision on residency eligibility. Students who are in the United States under various non-immigrant visa categories are not eligible for in-district or in-state residency status for tuition purposes.


A Residency Review Committee consisting of the Vice President of Student Services and Vice President of Finance & Facilities will hear appeals of residency classification as established by the College. Any adjustment made in tuition due to a change in residency status will not be retroactive.

*Please note that owning property in Emmet county does not necessarily determine "In District" or "In State" status. Please call Records Assistant 231-348-6625 in the Registrar's office with questions and or appeals.

Click here for an North Central Michigan College Application for Residency Change