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November 19 UPDATE

To: NCMC Campus Community

From:  Dr. David Roland Finley, President

This message is being shared to address questions/concerns that have arisen in response to my November 16 communication regarding the implications of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Gatherings and Face Mask emergency order.  Specifically, it seems there is confusion about the need for a student to have an appointment to visit each and every office needed to register once on campus. 

Two statements govern how we ought handle such a situation.  The first is item 2.c.2. of the MDHHS Gatherings and Face Mask emergency order issued on Nov. 15, 2020.  It states that gatherings between an employee and a customer for the purpose of receiving service are allowed, and no mention of a requisite appointment is stated.  North Central Michigan College is electing to follow Phase 3 restrictions from our Re-Opening Plan/COVID-19 Response Grid during the state-mandated shift to the use of remote instructional methods.  This grid states “limited external visitors allowed on campus by appointment and must follow all protocols.”  Thus, an initial appointment is required for off-campus students/visitors to come to campus, but on-campus students do not need an appointment.   However, appointments are not required to move among the various offices needed to complete a task.

Moving forward, I ask that we take a student-centered approach consistent with these two statements to best serve our customers.  If completing a particular task requires that a student see another office on campus, please call ahead on their behalf.  Better yet, call ahead, and then escort them to the office that will provide the next step of assistance.

I do realize that there is considerable confusion and angst associated with the obligation to follow the latest MDHHS emergency order and MIOSHA guidelines.  By social distancing, facemasking, using good hygiene, and staying home when we are symptomatic, we can both stay safe and serve our students at the highest level possible.  In these unprecedented times, it is vital that we strive to provide exceptional, accessible, and relevant higher education of, and for, the community.  Thanks for your efforts in this regard.