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North Central Cares Campaign

North Central Cares
We have never been prouder of our alumni than we are right now. Whether it is our front-line nurses and first responses keeping us safe, our small business entrepreneurs showing the resilience needed to rebuild, or leaders throughout our community who are making a difference, North Central Michigan College Alumni are leading the way.
Today’s North Central Michigan College students need your help. Before they become the next generation of successful leaders and engaged citizens, many students will rely on the generous support of donors to help make their dreams a reality. Scholarships provide an opportunity for students to reach their educational goals. Without assistance from donors like you, many students are forced to split their time between work, family and academics. For some, receiving a scholarship is the difference between realizing their dreams or having to put those dreams on hold.
That’s where the North Central Michigan College Student Scholarship Fund comes in. Your support today will provide life changing opportunities for students in need. Please consider making a gift of any size to the North Central Michigan College Student Scholarship Fund today. Thank you for partnering with us to unlock individual potential while adding capacity and resiliency to our regional economy. Together, we will build a brighter tomorrow.


Area of Greatest Need

Giving to where the need is greatest helps North Central Michigan College address high-priority initiatives that touch students’ lives.

Opportunity knocks at unexpected times and in ways we can’t always anticipate. Whether it’s the chance to heighten a student’s trajectory through scholarships, respond to everchanging technology demands, or support faculty and staff professional development, the opportunities to make an impact-right now, through North Central Michigan College- are immediate and life changing.

By designating your gift to the area of greatest need, you allow us to put your donation to work right away and where it’s needed most.

Larry ‘Grouse' Cummings Memorial Scholarship

A beloved campus icon, Professor Larry Cummings taught history and geography at North Central for a remarkable 51 years. Sadly, Professor Cummings passed away on March 31, 2020, from complications of COVID-19. We honor Larry’s dedication and commitment to students at North Central and invite you to join many others in helping to establish the Larry ‘Grouse’ Cummings Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be an enduring celebration of the impact Larry made on our campus community, helping students expand their horizons through travel opportunities. To make a gift to the Larry ‘Grouse’ Memorial Scholarship, use our online giving form and select the scholarship name from the list of gift designation options.

Building the Future

Making a gift to the Student Scholarship Fund is one of the most rewarding ways to make a difference in the lives of North Central Michigan College students. Your gift to the Scholarship Fund enables North Central Michigan College to offer a first-class educational experience to our students and provides them the opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals.

The economic and cultural future of our region will be shaped by the students of today. Your gift to the Student Scholarship Fund will not only change the lives of individual students, it will enhance the economic and cultural future for our regions health care systems, manufacturing & skilled trades industries, and entrepreneurial small businesses.

Our students are the greatest possible return on investment. Your contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund pave the way to a brighter future for us all.

Feeding Student Success

Your gift to the North Central Michigan College Campus Cupboard helps make possible a year-round food pantry established to support the students of North Central who may be dealing with food insecurity.

Recent estimates based on a 2017 study indicate that at least 20% of two-year college students have very low levels of food security. Not getting enough to eat can have a dramatic effect on academics. Students who don’t get enough to eat might make lower grades, have lower test scores, and have a lower chance of graduating.

Together, we can reduce food insecurity and give our students the best chance of success.

Student Support

A gift to the Student Emergency Fund will help students who are facing immediate financial hardships. Whether it’s supporting students most impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic or future unforeseen hardships, the Student Emergency Fund provides a lifeline for struggling students.

Below are a few examples of how the Student Emergency Fund could be used:

  • Technology and connectivity needs related to remote learning
  • Housing/Rent/Utilities assistance
  • Personal Automobile/Transportation
  • Medical/Dental Bills
  • Other emergency or unforeseen circumstances

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