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Marketing & Public Relations

North Central's Marketing & Communications Plan


Key Messages

North Central faculty and staff are committed to student success.
North Central is the community’s college.
North Central is a partner in economic development.

Marketing Campaign Themes

It's what matters.
North Central is making what matters happen.
What matters to you?
It's all about the students.
Building Tomorrow Together


1. Increase enrollment
2. Maximize student retention
3. Elevate North Central's image


Situation Analysis

North Central is the community’s college. We offer academic opportunities for students and play an important role in the local economy. We are an Achieving the Dream Leader College and a Military-Friendly School. 

North Central is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2018. Marketing and communication efforts are bringing the community together to celebrate the history and success of North Central during the past 60 years. This important milestone presents an opportunity for the College to continue raising awareness and support for North Central and future initiatives.

High school enrollment is declining while the nation’s economy continues to improve. North Central's overall enrollment has declined slightly, but not a much as other community colleges in the state. Early College programs have bolstered North Central's enrollment, but greater focus must be placed on alternative sources of recruitment. An improving economy poses another threat to enrollment numbers, as  our potential students enter the workforce rather than pursue their education. This trend is common during times of economic recovery, and community colleges around the nation face similar challenges along with declining financial support from governmental sources.

Marketing efforts will continue to elevate the College's image, while focusing heavily on student recruitment and retention as well as strengthening relationships and partnerships with community and local businesses. 



1. Increase Enrollment

North Central will focus on increasing outreach to middle school and high school students, teachers and counselors, recent high school graduates, and parents. We will utilize a variety of media and materials to accomplish this. 

Key messages for recruitment encompass cost savings, myriad degree and career path options, and the high-quality education.

An effective website is the primary tool for recruitment and retention and is also one of the first points of contact a prospective student has with North Central. We will continue to augment the website by developing content and navigation cues designed specifically to reach prospective students and their parents.

Social media also plays an important role in recruitment efforts. Through targeted advertising, engaging content, and creative messaging, social media allows us to supplement campaign messaging in a form that is relevant to high school students, recent graduates, and other prospective students.


2. Maximize Student Retention

Retention efforts will focus on increasing student engagement. When students are engaged, they take ownership of their commitment to North Central and are more invested in the success of their education. Upon graduation, they become advocates for the College and are more likely to support the Foundation. Regular interaction with other students, faculty, and staff establishes connections, builds valuable relationships, and strengthens students’ resolve to persevere and achieve their dreams.

To help increase student engagement, we will deepen our involvement in social media platforms with a strong emphasis on developing engaging content that generates conversations. Online advertising with strong calls to action will be used to communicate about important deadlines critical to retaining current students.

Campus branding elements, on and off campus events, branded giveaways, and the increased involvement of the college mascot, Ty, help generate student engagement.


3. Elevate North Central's Image