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The Cafeteria

North Central Food Service and Conference Center is going green!

The Cafeteria and Conference Center are making a change. We will be using 100% recycled paper products. We will be using cups and plastic containers that are biodegradable. This new plastic is made from a plastic polymer called PLA. PLA is 100% natural and contains no petroleum products. This plastic produces 68% less greenhouse gasses than traditional oil-based plastic, making it almost greenhouse neutral. In addition, under controlled conditions of high humidity and sustainable high temperatures these products can decompose and return to nature in a few months. You should be seeing these products around mid-September. If you would like more information on PLA the website is If you have questions or comments please contact the North Central Culinary/Convention staff.

The Halfway Cafe is also open, when you’re running late and need a java-fix, you’ll be able to buy coffee and a muffin in the main classroom building (Room #136).

Halfway Cafe

We want your input. If you like the food we’re serving, let us know. If you don’t like it, let us know, too.


Contact: Jamee Jensen Fry

Director of Food Service and Conference Center



Dinner Menu

Dinner served as a plated special Monday through Thursday at the Grille. Served with 2 Sides for $6.75, from 4:30 until 7:00 or while quantities last.


Lunch Menu

Hot Lunch includes your entrée with two sides (check the menu boards in the Caf for more info daily) AND a fountain beverage for $4.75.
Check out the daily specials in the Grille, and Soups of the Day!