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Garden Party

Photo of chefs at Garden PartyPhoto of flowers on tablePhoto of wine servers


Fantastic food, fabulous cars, fine wine and beer will be served up at the Garden Party held on Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Harris Gardens at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. The event benefits scholarships for North Central’s manufacturing programs.

This 300-guest wine and food gala featured exceptional regional cuisine prepared by the area’s finest restaurants, paired with extraordinary wine and beer featured and distributed by Great Lakes Wine and Spirits. Guests wore their best garden party chic (including hats for the ladies). In addition, there was a handsome display of classic cars.

The Garden Party Foundation was founded by Elizabeth and Sydney L. Ross. The Garden Party event was initiated by the J. Lewis Cooper Family and Elizabeth and Sydney L. Ross Foundation (owners of Great Lakes Wine and Spirits) eight years ago to benefit trade and occupational programs at southeast Michigan community colleges. Since 2016, they are sponsoring an additional event in Northern Michigan to benefit North Central. The event in 2016 raised $65,000 for scholarships and equipment for the College's Computer Numerical Controls program.

The Garden Party event was initiated and is maintained by The J. Lewis Cooper family and Elizabeth and Sydney L. Ross Foundation. The purpose of The Garden Party is to create a pleasant Sunday afternoon that is pleasing to the eye, the palate, and for its charitable aspect – pleasing to the soul. The Garden Party Foundation’s mission is to support multiple local charities and use money raised to support Michigan causes. The foundation also aims to make The Garden Party the finest and most prominent food and wine event in the state.

To purchase tickets, click here.

Many thanks to our 2016 Honorary Hosts and sponsors:


Suzanne and Jason Allen

Marcia and Richard Ames

Jane and Michael Bacon

Marsha and Neil Bidwell

Kathy and Carl Boehm

Renee and Pier Borra

Kathie and Marty Breighner

Shannon and Bill Brower

Cameron Brunet-Koch, Ph.D. and Bruce Koch

Chris and Max Bunker

Chemical Bank

Susie and Lewis Cooper III

Teresa and David Crouse

Ed Demmer

Renee DeYoung and Alan Terry

Chris Etienne and Dennis Lindeman

Candy and Peter Fitzsimmons

Art and Sharon Francis

Brenda and Ted Frey

Kayti and Nicholas Goebel

Amy and Dan Harris

Denise and David Hartnett

Susan and Edward Howbest

Megan and Casey Iaccino

Ann and David Irish

Patricia and Larry Kaine

Melissa and Paul Keiswetter

R.J. King

Kathryn Kircher

Joan and Ben Kleinstiver

Debbie and Dave Kring

Marion Kuebler

Mary and Dan Ledingham

Mindy and Rick Lopus

Catherine and David Meyer

Jane and Bill Millar

Peggy and Phil Millard

MPS Foundation

Trish and Jim Murray

Irma Noël and Jim Rand

Marta and Peter Olson

Peter O'Rourke

Beverly Paisley

Vivian Pickard

Elizabeth and Sydney Ross

Barb and Ham Schirmer

Laura and Jim Shirilla

Carrie and Dick Smith

Marilynn and Stan Smith

Mary Lou and Tom Smith

Marilyn and John Stover

Chandler Symons

Mary Lou and John Tanton

Marsha and Mark Tompkins

Jaime Rae and J. Douglas Turnbull

Barbara Worgess


IMPERIAL - $15,000

Great Lakes Wine and Spirits


JEROBOAM - $10,000

MPS Foundation


SOMMELIER - $7,500

Charity Motors

MP Tool & Engineering


MAGNUM - $5,000

Bay Harbor Foundation

Renee and Pier Borra

Frey Foundation

Grand Traverse Construction


Beverly Paisley

Melissa and Paul Keiswetter and Petoskey Plastics


CORPORATE - $2,500

Scott Felker

Northern Trust

Pointe Alarm

Barb and Ham Schirmer


RECIPE - $1,000

9and10 News/Fox 32

Marsha and Neil Bidwell

Kathie and Marty Breighner

Bunker, Clark, Winnell & Nuorala, P.C.

Clark Construction

Teresa and David Crouse


Sharon and Art Francis

Holman Construction

Ann and David Irish 

Patricia and Larry Kaine

Korotkin Insurance Group

Dave Kring Chevrolet and Cadillac

Peggy and Phil Millard

Mitchell Graphics

Trish and Jim Murray

Northern Michigan Medical Society

Peter O'Rourke

Laura and Jim Shirilla

Marilyn and John Stover