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Future Students


Making the choice to attend community college and pursue higher education is a decision that will change your life. Regardless of your age, background or personal circumstances, when you choose to attend college, you begin a journey that will change how you learn, earn, and relate to the world around you. North Central Michigan college is proud to offer a start to your career pathway right here in Northern Michigan.

This section will provide vital information regarding community college experience and process to help you begin your future. A future student can find tuition, financial aid and community college scholarship information, on-campus housing, meal plans, campus activities and other events on campus. Information regarding North Central's organizations, academic events, course listings and applications.

North Central knows a higher education credential is important — whether it's a certificate, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree or an advanced graduate degree. Providing a variety of educational opportunities at a community college (a fraction of the cost of a university) matters to all of us at North Central. Each moment of learning improves our northern Michigan community and its quality of life.