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International Students


2018–2019 Academic Year


North Central Michigan College is a public community college in Petoskey, Michigan, a city with a population of about 7,000 residents. The average yearly enrollment at the College is around 3,000 students, with close to 100 of these students living in its on-campus residence hall. North Central hosts an average of two international students in a school year.


Degrees Conferred at North Central Michigan College

Associate of Arts (AA): The Associate of Arts degree was created specifically to transfer seamlessly to a four-year college or university by delivering typical freshman and sophomore year general education coursework. An AA degree is not awarded in a specific subject area, but its groundwork general education classes allow the student to then easily focus on a specific major in his/her junior year and beyond.  We do have options that involve concentrating on certain subjects within the AA degree, most currently in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Early Childhood Education.
(Program Code: 300)

Associate of Science (AS): Associate of Science is similar to an AA degree, but the emphasis is predominantly on natural sciences and mathematics. This degree is designed for the student who will transfer to a four-year college or university to study specific natural sciences.
(Program Code: 400)

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): The Associate of Applied Science degree fits well with the student who plans to pursue a career or enter the workforce his/her career immediately once graduating. Students planning to pursue a bachelorʼs degree using the AAS as a foundation should carefully choose their coursework with an academic advisor to maximize transferability. The AAS degree is awarded in specific areas of expertise, e.g., the AAS in Business Management and Early Childhood Education.

Associate of General Studies (AGS): A degree designed for the student wishing flexibility in defining specific educational objectives. It can accommodate the student who plans to transfer as well as one who plans on pursuing a career immediately upon graduation. The AGS degree is general and not conferred in a specific subject area.
(Program Code: 600)

Certificate: A short-term career program. Most certificates are composed of 10 courses, half the number in the typical associate degree. Often certificates can be earned in one year of full-time enrollment; however, the time may be longer if a student attends part-time. Credits earned toward a certificate can be used to earn an associate degree in the same area.

Certificate of Development: A Certificate of Development has fewer than 30 credit hours and will show an employer that you have a basic understanding of a particular topic or skill.

Not sure which path is right for you? Exploring your options is much more effective when you do it with an experienced guide. North Centralʼs academic advisors and counselors can help you set goals and develop a map for achieving them.

Call (888) 298-6605 or (231) 348-6605.



The College’s academic calendar is divided into two semesters and an eight-week summer session. The approximate dates are as follows:

Fall semester            16 weeks                   Early September to late December

Winter semester       16 weeks                   Early January to Early May

Summer semester      8 weeks                   Early-June through July


Enrollment Requirements

International students following the F-1 Visa requirements must:

  1. Attend North Central Michigan on a full-time basis during the Fall and Winter semesters, taking a minimum of 12 credit hours (four regular courses) each semester.

  2. No more than one (1) course per semester may be in a “distance” format (online or other) and all coursework must originate from North Central Michigan College.

  3. Enrollment in the Summer Session is optional and not required for International students.


Residency for Purposes of Tuition

International students, as well as students holding various non-resident visa designations, are classified “Out-of-Michigan” for purposes of computing tuition rates. A change in residency status is possible only at the time that the international student obtains “permanent resident status,” commonly known as the “green card.”


Medical Insurance

International students must provide adequate medical insurance, including repatriation benefits, while enrolled at North Central Michigan College. International students are automatically enrolled in an affordable student accident and sickness insurance plan, and the charge is added to tuition and fees each semester. International students may arrange for their own health insurance, however, the policy must be proven adequate to substitute for the College-sanctioned plan.


Housing and Transportation

North Central maintains a modern, co-educational residence hall with furnished double rooms laid out in suite arrangements: every two rooms are connected by a private bathroom. Costs of living in the residence hall have been computed in the "living expenses" required from international students. The residence hall is not open during holidays or during the months of June, July and August. International students are not required to live in the residence hall.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the College.



The F-1 student visa permits international students to work only for North Central Michigan College, up to a maximum of 20 hours per week, 40 hours per week during vacation periods. North Central Michigan College is a small campus with a limited number of student work positions, therefore the international student should not plan on work positions being available while attending the College.


Financial Responsibility

International students are expected to provide all money for any possible expenses they may incur. Expenses will include tuition, fees, books, room, board, transportation, entertainment, incidentals, travel, insurance, etc. Financial aid is not available to international students.


International Student Deposit

A $750.00 refundable deposit is required from each international student attending North Central. The deposit is held for the student by the College in case of an emergency; this money is refunded to the international student at the completion of study with North Central, provided that the student has not incurred outstanding debts. The deposit cannot be used by the student to cover tuition or living expenses.


Admission Deadline Dates:

Deadlines for submitting an application for admission (10 weeks prior to the beginning of semester:)

For Fall Semester, 2018:                 June 26, 2018

For Winter Semester, 2019:            October 29, 2018

For Summer Semester, 2019:         March 25, 2019


Estimated Student Expenses

Based on enrollment in 30 credits of coursework (5 courses each for the fall & winter semesters,) Academic Year 2018-19:
(Tuition % increase to all expenses 5%)

Fall and Winter Semesters (36 weeks)

Tuition and Fees:                             $  8,505.00

Room and Board                              $  7,114.00

Books & Supplies                            $  1,866.00

Estimated Medical Insurance        $    935.00

Personal Expenses                         $  3,990.00

TOTAL                                              $22,410.00

Optional Summer Session (8 weeks)

Tuition and Fees:                             $ 1,695.00

Room and Board                              $ 1,780.00

Books & Supplies                            $    368.00

Estimated Medical Insurance       $   187.00

Personal Expenses                          $    882.00

TOTAL                                                $ 4,912.00


Contact Information         

We hope that your questions about being an International Student at North Central Michigan College have been answered by this informational packet. Please contact us if you have additional questions:

Melissa Colby, International Student Advisor and/or Joseph Balinski, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar

North Central Michigan College
1515 Howard Street
Petoskey, Michigan   USA   49770
Telephone: 231-348-6700 or 1-888-298-6605
Fax: 231-348-6700
Email: and/or


Prospective International Student admissions process

Application Packet

All the following items, #1 - 8, must be in the possession of North Central before an admissions decision can be made and before the I-20 can be issued:

  1. Submit an online application for admission to North Central Michigan College. All applicants seeking an F-1 visa must have an educational goal of a degree. To apply online, go to  Follow instructions for applying for admissions
  2. Submit copies of all immigration documents (such as passport, visa, I-94, previous I-20).
  3. Submit all transcripts (translated into English). Transcripts of coursework completed at all secondary schools and universities must show an above-average academic record (U.S. letter grade of B). For international university-level coursework, we recommend having those transcripts evaluated for U.S. equivalency. North Central highly recommends Educational Credential Evaluators,
  4. Submit an official copy of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test results. Scores of 550 or higher on the paper-based test, 213 or higher on the computer-based test, or 79 or higher on the Internet-based test are required for admission. North Central Michigan College’s TOEFL code number is 1569. Exceptions to the TOEFL requirement include only lifetime residents of Australia, Canada (other than Quebec), New Zealand, United Kingdom, or the United States (other than Puerto Rico).
  5. Complete and submit the enclosed Declaration of Finances. It must be completed in its entirety before the admissions process can proceed; the student must demonstrate the equivalent amount of resources as the length of the program being sought. Bank statements, when used as proof of financial ability, must be dated within the last four months.
  6. Submit the International Student Certificate of Health form, completed by a medical physician.
  7. Submit a check or money order for the refundable International Student deposit (US$750.)
  8. If the applicant is transferring from another U.S. school, sign and submit the Student Privacy Release on the Request for Information on F-1 Transfer Student.


Issuing of the I-20:

  1. If the applicant is requesting initial entry to the U.S. on an F-1 visa, a completed I-20 will be mailed to the applicant in their home country.
  2. For new entry or change of status, once the I-20 is issued, please visit to pay the required SEVIS I-901 fee. Credit card, check or money order is accepted. The SEVIS number, printed at the top of the I-20, is needed to pay this $200.00 fee.
  3. U.S. embassy or consulate officials will require your I-20 and official North Central Michigan College acceptance letter when considering your request for an F-1 visa. They may also want to see your financial support documents as well as the receipt for the paid SEVIS fee. The visa will be issued no earlier than 30 days prior to the beginning of the College semester.
  4. If the applicant is requesting a transfer from another U.S. school, a completed I-20 will be mailed to the applicant at their local address. The I-20 will be issued after the applicant has registered for and attended classes at North Central Michigan College.
  5. If the applicant is requesting a change of visa status to an F-1 student visa, obtain form I-539 from the USCIS website at Complete, sign and submit the I-539. You may wish to contact an immigration attorney to assist with the process. Change of visa status takes 3 months to process. A completed I-20 will be mailed to the U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) for review and a photocopy of the I-20 will be mailed to the applicant. INS will send the applicant the official copy of the I-20 when the request for change of status is approved.


Enrolling in classes:

  • Take the ACCUPLACER placement test, administered in Learning Support Services at North Central Michigan College.
  • Attend an Orientation session, then meet with the International Student Advisor in to select your classes.
  • Register for the required number of credits each semester.

international student application packet

The following three forms may be printed and completed from this website.


Declaration of Finances

ACADEMIC YEAR 2018 - 2019


The I-20 will not be authorized until this form is completed and returned to the institution to which you are applying. The institution will attach a copy of this form to the I-20. Both the Declaration of Finances and the I-20 must be shown to the U.S. Consul to obtain a visa.


Applicant’s Name:                                                                 

                                Last (Family)       First             Middle


Home Address:                                                                     



Estimated Student Expenses 

(Based on enrollment in 30 credit hours of coursework, for Academic year 2018-2019:)

Fall and Winter Semesters (36 weeks)                    Optional Summer Session (8 weeks)

Tuition and Fees:             $  8,505.00             $ 1,695.00

Room and Board              $  7,114.00             $ 1,780.00

Books & Supplies             $  1,866.00             $   368.50

Medical Insurance

(12 months – est. only)   $   935.00              $   187.00

`Personal Expenses          $ 3,990.00             $   882.00

TOTAL                                  $22,410.00           $ 4,912.00


Student's Sources of Funds

Personal or Family Savings

A bank official’s signature is required
on the certification below if the student
is partially or totally supported by
personal savings.
First Year                                 Second Year                                                                     
$                                                $                                           

Parents and/or Sponsors

See next page for certification details            

First Year                                 Second Year                      

$                                                $                                           

Your Government

Enclose with this form a signed
copy of your letter of award.                              
First Year                                 Second Year                      

$                                                $                                           

Other (Specify)

Enclose with this form a signed affidavit
from an authorized person to certify
the accuracy of this entry.                                  
First Year                                 Second Year                      

$                                                $                                           


Each of these totals must equal or exceed
North Central Michigan College’s estimate
of expenses for one year.                                    
First Year                                 Second Year                      

$                                                $                                           



Official Certification of Sources of Funds and Amounts

Name of Applicant

Bank or Financial Institution Certification – if the student will be financed through personal or family savings.

Enclosed is a bank statement dated within the last four months verifying funds are available for the applicant whose name is on this form.

This is to certify that I have read the information furnished by the applicant, that it is a true and accurate statement, and that the funds are available.

Signature of Bank Official



Name of Bank


Address of Bank





Statement of Sponsor Providing Financial Support.

Enclosed is a bank statement dated within the last four months and an earnings statement verifying funds are available for the applicant whose name is on this form. An earnings statement may include one of the following: previous year income tax statement, letter from employer or two recent paycheck stubs verifying current and year-to-date earnings.

I am willing and able to provide no less than $_______________________USD (United States Dollars) in
cash to the applicant whose name is on this form, for
each year of study at North Central Michigan College.


Signature of Sponsor

Print Name of Sponsor


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Full Mailing Address

My Relationship to the Applicant  is: 



Student Certification       

I certify that the information provided here is correct and complete.

                                                                                                                 Signature of Student



North Central Michigan College Certification

I have reviewed the declaration and any attached documents and approve Issuance of the I-20.

                                                                                                                 Signature of DSO


North Central Michigan College, 1515 Howard Street, Petoskey, Michigan 49770



Please complete and return to North Central Michigan College


Petoskey, Michigan 49770, U.S.A.


To be completed by a physician and sent directly to the International Student Advisor, North Central Michigan College, 1515 Howard Street, Petoskey, Michigan, 49770 U.S.A.


Full Name of Applicant: 


 First Name             Other Names                Family Name




Number and Street            City                        Country






I.    History

(a)       Annotate with a mark (X) if applicant has/had any of the following;

(If marked, please annotate date of positive findings):

( ) Rheumatic Fever    ( ) Tuberculosis
( ) Lues                          ( ) Malaria                 
( ) G. C.                          ( )Other____________


(b)       Give details of any injury, illness, or operation during the past five years:

(Be sure to list all illnesses of injuries.)


Injury/Illness/Operation:                                           From                             To                                           


Injury/Illness/Operation:                                          From                             To                                           


Injury/Illness/Operation:                                          From                             To                                           


(c)       Annotate with a mark (X) only if any of the following apply to this applicant:

( ) Diabetes                  ( ) Heart Condition    ( ) Epilepsy                   ( ) Hypertension
( ) Blood Disorder       ( ) Lung Disease

If any of the above were checked, please explain briefly.




Please indicate blood type:                                    

(d)       Mental Status:

Please indicate if the applicant has ever received treatment or counseling for any of the following:

( ) Emotional Disturbances      
( ) Nervous Disorders
( ) Mental Illness                                
( ) Behavioral Disorders


II.   Summary

I believe this applicant    is     is not (circle one) physically able to carry on a full course of study, involving many hours of work in the United States. In my opinion, the applicant’s health and physical condition is:

( ) Excellent           ( ) Good             ( ) Fair            ( ) Poor


Additional Remarks







Signature of Examining Physician                       Date


Please type:                                                                          

                          Physician Name


                          Address            City                      County


International Area Code & Telephone Number

Request for Information on F-1 Transfer Student




TO:       International Student Advisor at



RE:       Student


INS Admission Number:                                                      


This student is applying to North Central Michigan College for


Semester                                     Year                                   

To complete the INS transfer process, we would like to verify that the student was in valid F-1 status at your school in the term preceding the transfer or preceding an authorized vacation. Please indicate below if you can certify the status of this student, including any certifications of full course of study you may have granted under the regulations. If not, any information you can provide in support of a request for reinstatement to student status would be of great help. You will find the student’s release of information authorization below.

Best regards,

Melissa Colby, International Student Advisor



Student Privacy Release – I hereby authorize the Designated School Official at my former school to provide the information requested to North Central Michigan College.



Student signature                                                  Date



_____I certify this student is in lawful status under the INS regulations.


_____I am unable to certify lawful status for the following reason:


Has the student participated in any Optional Practical Training?____Yes ____No


My school is on a
____Semester   ____Quarter  ____Tri-semester system.

                                                                                                 Designated School Official Signature                      Date



Return Completed form to International Student Advisor

                                                 North Central Michigan College
                                                 1515 Howard Street
                                                 Petoskey, Michigan  49770
                                                 Or Fax 231-348-6672