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North Central Programs of study

Select a program code that closely matches your intended area of study or interest. You may change your code at any time.
The program of study areas are divided into 6 Career Pathways. Under each Pathway you will find Certificate, Applied Science and Transfer Options to fit your own goals.

  • Associate degrees typically consist of 60 credits and generally require two years of full time study.
  • Certificates typically consist of 30 credits and generally require one year of full time study.
  • Certificates of Development consist of less than 30 credits
  • Most Bachelor's degrees listed include 60-80 credits from North Central, with the remaining credits (up to an approximate total of 120) coming from the senior degree granting university.

Articulation Agreements and Transfer Guides

Articulation Agreements are formal signed agreements between colleges and universities so students can be sure that what they take at North Central will meet the program requirements of where they transfer.  Generally, public universities do not sign articulation agreements but use transfer guides and transfer equivalencies to help students know what to take.  Sometimes articulation agreements require students to contact the university where they plan to transfer during their first year at North Central.  Even if the articulation agreement with your transfer institution does not require that you contact them, we strongly encourage you to contact them early in your college career. Click here for general information on North Central transfer programs

North Central offers many courses through our Gaylord office located in the Gaylord University Center.