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GED Testing

GED Testing Program

North Central Michigan College is an official Pearson Vue GED Testing Site.

About the GED: The General Education Development (GED) tests four subject areas. When passed, this certifies that the test taker has high school-level academic skills.  Passing the GED test gives those who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credentials.

Content Areas



RLA: GED® Test - Reasoning Through Language Arts

155 minutes

USD 37.50

SCI: GED® Test - Science

95 minutes

USD 37.50

MAT: GED® Test - Mathematical Reasoning

120 minutes

USD 37.50

SOC: GED® Test - Social Studies

95 minutes

USD 37.50

The Reasoning through Language Arts test:Is 150 minutes: consists of 3 sections, includes a 10-minute break between sections 2 and 3 and one 45 minute essay to write.

Measures your: Ability to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written English, ability to understand, interpret, and answer questions based on text, ability to use evidence to support an argument, and understanding of basic English skills at a level needed to succeed in college or a job.

The Science test: Is 90 minutes, has no breaks, includes 2 short answer questions that take about 10 minutes per question to write, allows you to use a TI-30XS calculator an on-screen or allows you to bring in your own TI-30XS.

Measures your:  :   Knowledge of life science (40%), physical science (40%), and Earth and space science (20%), ability to read, understand, and interpret science-related texts, and problem-solving abilities in science-related situations.


The Social Studies test: Is 90 minutes, is 2 parts with no break.  Part 2 of the test is one essay that you have 25 minutes to write.  You may use an on-screen TI-30XS  calculator or you may bring in your own TI-30XS.

Measures your: Knowledge of civics and government (50%), U.S. history (20%), economics (15%), and geography and the world (15%).  Ability to read, understand, and interpret social studies-related texts and problem-solving abilities in social studies-related situations.


The Mathematical Reasoning test: Is 115 minutes, has 2 parts with a 3-minute break, does not allow the calculator on Part 1, you may use a TI-30XS calculator for Part 2, gives you an on-screen calculator or you may bring in your own TI-30XS. gives you some Math formulas and a calculator reference sheet.

Measures your: Quantitative problem-solving abilities (45%). Algebraic problem-solving abilities (55%).


Why you might want to take the GED:

North Central Michigan College, along with a strong majority of colleges and universities, requires either a high school or state diploma in order to enroll.  If you don’t have a diploma, North Central and approximately 98% of accredited universities will accept a GED certificate in its place.

GED Program Enrollment starts by completing the registration process in the following ways:

1. Test-takers can register online at, or:

2. Through the Pearson VUE call center at  (877) EXAM-GED (392-6433)

BEFORE you take your GED: You can take an official GED practice test at:

To prepare for the GED The Northwest Michigan Works! Learning Labs offers classes for adults. There is no cost to attend classes. Register by calling 800-442-1074 or go to: A helpful site for those who cannot attend lab sessions is: Online tutorials for updating general skills in math, reading, and writing are available: click here >

Retakes are limited to eight times in one year and cost $10 for each retake.

Start by visiting Click on the Create an Account button, where you will be asked to enter your email address and to create a password for your account. After answering a few questions about yourself, you will be taken to your GED dashboard, where you can find out information about each test, access study guides, and schedule your tests. You must schedule each of the four content areas separately. You may take them all in one day, or spread them out over the course of several days.

When you are ready to schedule a test follow the scheduling links in My GED Dashboard. Select the content areas you plan to schedule and pick a test-taking location. A calendar of available days and times can be selected. You will then be asked to provide payment information, through a voucher program or with a credit card. Complete your payment and save a copy of your receipt.

You will receive an email with your appointment details listing the test date, time, and test center address, the type of identification required, the cancellation and reschedule policy, and any additional items that you will need to bring to the test center.

After successfully completing the GED you may call (231) 348-6605 to schedule an appointment with a North Central adviser to explore possible ways to advance your education, define a career or obtain a certificate or degree. North Central can also assist with applying for financial aid or possible scholarships to assist with college tuition and expenses. We are here to help you succeed!

Revised on 2/15/16