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"A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library." -- Shelby Foote


Please Note:

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the North Central Michigan College Library will be closed for the summer for reconstruction of the roof.  There will be a temporary library for students housed in the Student and Community Resource Center in Room 535.  The library parking lot, behind the Library, will be inaccessible throughout the construction process.  Parking will still be available by the main administration and classroom building, behind the Student and Community Resource Center and in the Residence Hall-Student Center lot.

We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience.  The Library will reopen with the start of Fall, 2017 semester on Tuesday, September 5.




Whether you're studying on campus or studying at home, your library provides you with many services to support your research needs. You can read and browse books entirely online, download them onto your computer or electronic device, as well as find full-text articles in both scholarly journals and popular magazines. There are reference books, literature reviews, newspapers, government documents and commentary at the library and in our online collection. And, library resources are available to students 24/7 using your Portal ID.

Research stressing you out?

Contact Leland the Librarian at or call (231) 348-6715 for an individual appointment!

Get assistance with:

  • Primary Sources

  • Peer-Reviewed Sources

  • Citation Help

  • Database Navigation

  • Critical Analyses of your paper

  • Reference and research interviews 


Golden Rules of Library Research

  1. Relate your passions to your studies and studies to your research and your research to your life.
  2. Searching is as rewarding as finding.
  3. The search you start with is seldom the search you end up with.
  4. Flexible not fixated.
  5. Use your eyes/learning from your results.