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North Central experienced a peak of granted awards in 2010, coinciding with the completion of students in the “Michigan Works/No Worker Left Behind” program. 




This resulted in a large number of applied certificates and degrees (Associate of Applied Science (AAS)).


For the past five years, while the Associate of General Studies (AGS) has made up an increasing portion of our awards granted, some others have declined (Associate of Applied Science [AAS] & Certificates [CERT]) and others have remained fairly level (Associate of Arts (AA) & Associate of Science (AS)).  In the latest year shown, 2014, approximately 34% of degree recipients were awarded the AAS; the remaining 66% received Liberal Arts degrees.  This split closely matches the declared intent of incoming students.


As important as a degree to some students is their success in transferring to another college or university after their time at North Central.  This is discussed in the section on the VFA Performance Section in the main headings.