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Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing Department Responsibilities


  • The Marketing Department provides leadership for North Central branding, College public relations and marketing activities. 
  • Serves as a liaison with the news media and single point of contact with vendors. 
  • Oversees College events and advertising. 
  • Produces collegewide publications. 
  • Provides public relations and marketing advice to other departments.
  • Reviews and approves certain public relations and marketing activities undertaken by other College departments.


public relations and marketing activities

Include press releases, radio, television, print, digital and other advertising; graphic images and icons; and brochures, posters and other publications created to be distributed off-campus.


Marketing Department's role

To review these activities while they are in the planning stages to encourage collaboration among departments.

To ensure the dissemination of accurate, clear, consistent, content-specific information to the community.

To present a quality image of the College that is consistent with its mission, vision and core values.


This applies to all College departments and to all activities named above whether the work is produced on or off campus and regardless of who pays for it. It also applies to activities that name North Central Michigan College or a College department as a major partner or participant, regardless of the official sponsor.