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Academic Advising

For New, Returning and Transfer Students

Academic Advising provides the knowledge, guidance, and support necessary to empower students to reach their educational goals.  All first-time college students, including those who have earned college dual enrolled credit as high school students, are required to meet with an academic advisor to enroll in classes.  All students currently enrolled pursuing a two-year degree, planning to transfer to a college or university, or just taking selected courses, are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to meet your goal.

An Advising session will recognize that the student possesses "going to college" knowledge and focuses on topics as they apply specifically to North Central.  Topics will include North Central programs of study, financial aid process, faculty expectations, and student resources.  In addition to course and degree requirements, policies and procedures are subject to change and meeting with an academic advisor will help you stay informed.   Appointments last for approximately 45 minutes. Please call 231-348-6605 to schedule an appointment.

Knowing and understanding your role in the process as well as the role of your advisor is essential.  We have outlined the following responsibilities of students and advisors:

Student Responsibilities

  • Be proactive! Initiate contact with your advisor and schedule ongoing individual meetings.
  • To participate fully in the advising experience by communicating your passions, goals, and questions.
  • To be an active learner by participating fulling in the advising experience.
  • To keep your advisor apprised of changes in academic progress, course selection, and goals.
  • To sharpen time-management, goal-setting and decision-making skills.
  • To become knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures.
  • To explore opportunities for co-curricular activities.
  • To be responsible for your education and accountable for your decisions, including those regarding college policies.
  • To be aware of registration-related deadlines.
  • To meet with an advisor at least once a semester.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • To understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, graduation requirements, and college policies and procedures.
  • To create a supportive and caring environment for advising meetings.
  • To provide accurate and consistent information.
  • To provide students with information about the strategies for utilizing the available resources and services on campus.
  • To assist students in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education and its effects on their lives and personal goals.
  • To be accessible to advisees via office hours for advising, telephone, or e-mail.
  • To inform you of the advisor’s and your own responsibilities in the academic advising process.
  • To assist students in gaining decision making skills and assuming responsibility for their own educational plans and achievements.
  • To maintain confidentiality.