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Marketing & Public Relations

Internal CCD Workflow & Work Request Process



In order for the College Communication Department to focus on the College’s overall creative direction, as well as the production of its creative advertising pieces, while also remaining responsive to internal “client” requests -- guidelines were created. These guidelines will maximize the CCD’s efforts by helping prioritize clients’ requests along with the College projects for which the CCD has the responsibility, thereby improving our ability to better meet our clients’ needs.

The CCD is a small, responsive group whose work depends on maintaining a delicate balance between daily client, vendor, media and team member interactions, and uninterrupted, focused, creative time in order to produce a quality product.

It is recommended that individual College departments schedule brainstorming meetings with the CCD staff to communicate their department’s overall strategy and communication needs. Together we will create an overall marketing and communication plan that not only meets the needs of the individual department but also fits into the College’s overall branding.

The College Communication Department workflow is depicted below. It not only shows the flow of work for the College Communication staff but demonstrates the utilization of the online work request process for initiating all CCD requests.

Graphic of the CCD department workflow



All requests for services from the College Communication Department are to be submitted through the online work request system. To submit a work request, go to the helpdesk in the portal and click on Marketing. All work requested from the CCD needs to have a work request completed. This applies to initial requests for assistance, and also for each change that is requested.

 Individuals who verbally make requests (and it is easy to do when you are passing in the hall or at a meeting together) will be asked to please submit a work request form. This ensures that our staff members do not forget your request by the time they return to their offices. This also assists the CCD in keeping track of the specific elements of each client request.

Several key pieces of information contained in the work request forms are below:

  • Critical Information Needs Prior to Project Start

To eliminate the need for the CCD to frequently request additional information before projects can be started, work request forms clarify the critical information that is required before the CCD will proceed with fulfilling client requests.

  • Single Point of Contact

By requiring a single point of contact for all projects submitted, unnecessary confusion will be minimized by eliminating the possibility of receiving inconsistent information from more than one source.

  • Project Approval

By requiring approval from a Dean or Director prior to project submission, the unfortunate circumstance of spending time and expense on a project only to find it is not ultimately approved will be greatly reduced.

  • Tracking Changes

Tracking subsequent changes to the original project request minimizes confusion as to which version is the most current.