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Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing Strategy

North Central serves a diverse student base, with a wide range of expectations. Non-traditional students are looking to enter the labor force, traditional students want to transfer to a bachelor's degree program, and others who haven't thought of applying at all. We must also become adept at dealing with today's students, who are looking for a college to deliver a high-end customer experience with immediate access and instant responses.

Local businesses and community members are also moving toward these same expectations, yet at a slower pace.

These factors provide the basis for North Central's overall communication strategy.

  • We must strive to deliver the instant, high-touch customer experience that today's students are looking for.
  • Our social media presence will migrate to a more effective strategy of "showing" our commitment to our customers' satisfaction rather than simply "telling" it. Then let our customers spread the word throughout their social media circles.
  • North Central will serve both of our diverse student bases (some looking to enter the workforce and others looking to transfer) by focusing on their ultimate goal. They each want an outcome with the credential they receive from higher education. This provides them "currency" in the labor market allowing them to get a job. Earning a credential makes them employable!



The College’s strategy is to continually communicate North Central’s education quality and its contributions to the local community. North Central is "Your Community's College."



The College website serves as the primary source for information. Most advertising and communications efforts, even in print form, are designed to generate interest and direct traffic to the College website where up-to-date and additional information is found.



The College uses the most relevant social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat Pinterest, and Flickr to communicate with a broad range of audiences. The social media sites are updated, maintained and monitored by the CCD. They consistently screen, continually interact and quickly respond to the audience.

All departments are expected to utilize the Social Media Guidelines for best practices to guide their efforts and adhere to North Central expectations. 



The College employs the use of digital marketing for improved message targeting, real-time audience interaction, and trackable analytics. Mobile, Social, Geo-fencing, Re-targeting, OTT Connected TV, Facebook Live video streaming and YouTube videos are some examples of digital advertising methods employed in various College campaigns.