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Marketing & Public Relations



It's what matters!

NCMC LogoNorth Central's marketing focuses on the core message that North Central Michigan College "matters" to each of its diverse stakeholder groups. Our tagline is, It's what matters.


The word "matters" is used as a pivot word: it remains the same throughout multiple applications of what comes before and after. For example:

Graphic of the what matters branding concept

The following list of words depicts some of its many varied applications:

 WHAT MATTERS TO YOU?                                                           MATTERS. . .                    

COMMITMENT                     KNOWLEDGE                                    In your LIFE

INVOLVEMENT                     DEGREE                                             In your CAREER

DEDICATION                         INNOVATION                                     For your COMMUNITY

STUDENT SUCCESS            PREPARATION                                  In your JOB

COMMUNITY                        CORPORATE EDUCATION               In your EDUCATION

GROWTH                               PHYSICAL FITNESS                         In your FAMILY

HANDS-ON LEARNING        SKILLED WORKFORCE                    In your HOME

NORTH CENTRAL.                QUALITY                                            For your FUTURE

OPPORTUNITIES                   CAREER

EDUCATION                            FUTURE

VALUE                                     HIGHER EDUCATION


SUPPORT                                BALANCE


Initial iterations of this campaign focus on something that “matters” from the viewpoint of a stakeholder group or an individual. Future iterations will expand to include focus on the "It's" from the viewpoint of a stakeholder group or an individual.

The slogan “It’s what matters!” was added to the North Central logo, and is used in both internal and external communication.