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Marketing & Public Relations

Internal Submission Guidelines


The lead times in the following submission guidelines may vary depending on the number of client requests, the urgency of the requests, the size of the request, and what other assignments the marketing department is working on (e.g. Annual Report, Supplement, etc.).



Allow between 1-3 days

One of the primary tools for students and the community is our website It allows us to direct interested participants to more detailed information and to enable them to register. Therefore, the first step in marketing something must be adding new information to the website.

Example: The marketing department receives notification of a new program opportunity available to the community. A press release is written and sent to the media. The media goes to our website to review the program information and it is not there. The media responds that they will not run the press release until the information is accessible on the website. Once this happens, the chances of coverage by the media may have been jeopardized.



Allow 5-8 days

An effective marketing plan includes advertising. We have found that both display ads and classified ads generate interest in new programs, courses or events for some specific stakeholder groups. Creative work; however, takes time.

The Marketing Department needs:

  1. All of the pertinent information in the work request form filled out
  2. The website updates completed

Once begun, the development of ad copy and artwork takes approximately 2-3 days. When the ad is complete, the ad buy is placed. Please note that space availability, as well as deadlines, must be taken into account. Getting an ad into any print media takes an average of 2 days.



Allow 3 hours to 1 day

As previously mentioned, press releases provide an excellent opportunity for free promotion. However, once submitted, the media outlets decide if they will print it.

When submitting press release requests to Marketing, we need:

  1. All of the pertinent information in the work request form filled out
  2. The website updates completed

The Marketing Department will take the information provided and create a press release which will be targeted to the appropriate media, based on demographic and geographic data. The news releases are sent via email to an existing database of media contacts. News releases also follow a defined format and contain consistent information about the College (boilerplate). No news releases should be created outside of Marketing, or without the approval of the Marketing Department. It is also an advantage for you to have Marketing send the release to the media, as we have the established contacts.

A news release can be written and approved in a number of hours and can be sent as soon as the website changes are made, or an appropriate contact is ready for questions. However, not all events or opportunities will necessarily become a news release. The Marketing Department needs to weigh the importance of the information we are providing, the goals of providing it, as well as what other news releases are in the pipeline.



Allow 7-10 days for Design – Additional 7-10 days for Print.

In addition to the media ideas above, Marketing will work with you on the creation of materials to support your program/project/event. Do you need registration forms? Do you need flyers or posters for the community or around campus?



Allow 1-3 days (once print materials have been designed)

North Central is fortunate to have access to video screens throughout campus which provide an excellent and attractive venue for information about classes, programs, and opportunities for our students and staff.

To add information to campus video screens, Marketing needs:

  1. All of the pertinent information in the work request form filled out
  2. The website updates completed

The Marketing Department encourages the use of the video screens over paper flyers and posters on walls around campus. This reduces paper “clutter” and keeps our campus attractive.



In the fall of 1994, North Central Michigan College introduced the logo that remains today a strong symbol of the College and its role in our community. We are proud of North Central and the services we offer. Our graphic identity captures that sense of pride.

Consistent use of the logo and wordmark is important. The Marketing Department has created a set of standards for the use of the logo and wordmark. It is important that we observe these standards. Any request for logo creation must be considered carefully based on the scope and importance of the project, and be approved in advance by Marketing.

Please refer to the Graphic Design Standards for the proper logo and wordmark usage.