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Marketing & Public Relations

North Central's Brand

The North Central brand is based on the essence, character, values and attributes that make up who we are, what we believe, and what distinguishes our College from among competing colleges. To accomplish this, we use verbal and/or pictorial “descriptors” that communicate the North Central brand.


brand descriptors

North Central is an inclusive, genuine community of faculty and staff who deliver education with purpose and understanding. There’s a sense of belonging in an environment that supports being true to ourselves and who we are becoming.

The following list represents the words that were identified as those which express the North Central character:

sense of place           human approach

personal discovery    life impact

find yourself               academic quality

balance matters        personal

unpretentious            welcoming

positive                       life experiences

happy                          journey

connected                 down-to-earth

engaged                    hard-working

authentic                   supportive

real world                  opportunity

well-rounded            hands-on learning


brand visuals

North Centrals's Newspaper Ad with North Central BrandingNorth Central’s brand is an embodiment of who we are and how we deliver higher education. It’s our commitment to bring education to the community, and make it come alive in a way that is meaningful to our students. At North Central we create an environment where people can learn and be successful – with a broad array of programs. Students take part in a vibrant education, of the highest quality, in one of the country’s most picturesque communities. This dynamic, hands-on, supportive culture enhances the quality of life for our students and the communities we serve. Illustration, color selection and voice all contribute to the visual design supporting North Central’s identity.

North Central’s photography is characterized by a photojournalistic style that emphasizes being on a journey of personal discovery in one of the world’s most beautiful communities. The photography takes advantage of the lake and the light – both of which contribute to the feeling of magic for those who reside here. Whenever possible, photo and video are captured as activities actually occur. The style is based on liveliness and vibrancy that can be described by the use of movement versus static – the love of the outdoors alongside our cutting edge technology.


brand voice

The College’s voice is genuine, down-to-earth, confident, intelligent, caring, engaging, inclusive, and welcoming. The tone, while warm, approachable, and conversational in nature, changes based on the audience, topic and desired outcome.