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Marketing & Public Relations

Public Relations

The Marketing Department is the central clearinghouse for all information released to the public off-campus, including prospective students, colleagues, news media, or the general public. A single department handling all outgoing requests and incoming queries will assure brand consistency in the messages and images conveyed to the public.


Every program and service at North Central provides an opportunity to positively promote the College. Various forms of promotion are available, press releases, media interviews, and publications. All media have the option to use or not use the information provided by the College. Editors and reporters judge the newsworthiness of a news item.


Press releases concerning College programs, events, and personnel appointments are prepared by the Marketing Department, and are distributed electronically to area newspapers, chambers of commerce, and specialized publications. Press releases are also posted on the website under Community and Events.

These offer excellent opportunities for free promotion. It is important to remember that while we may send out one press release on any given day, the media is receiving hundreds per day, and must make decisions as to what is covered. To request a news release to publicize an event, complete the electronic Work Request form. Attach electronic files that provide more detailed event information, such as biographies. Also attach digital photos, if required.


TV, radio and newspaper reporters frequently ask for quick interviews about breaking news events. Normally, the media will call the Marketing Vice President to arrange for an interview. Sometimes reporters will call College employees directly. When this occurs, please inform the Marketing Department.


Photography editors are looking for photos that are interesting, informative, and entertaining. If an event warrants coverage, please contact Marketing by submitting a Work Request form online. The Marketing Department will determine the news value of all photographs to be released to the news media. A completed photo release form should be on file in Marketing for anyone photographed with the intent of using their photo for publicity purposes. A copy of the Photo Release form can be found on SharePoint under College Communications > Shared Documents.


The Vice President of Marketing is the official spokesperson for the College. However, others may be called to answer additional questions or comment on a situation on campus. In that respect, everyone is a potential spokesperson. When Marketing receives media inquiries, the Vice President will route their calls to the appropriate sources.

Always call the Marketing Department if anyone from the media contacts you at any time. Routine events carry the potential for creating a negative image for the College if not handled correctly or in a timely manner.


A crisis is not limited to major catastrophes. A crisis is a situation that requires immediate and coordinated action. It is also a situation that has a significant impact on the operation of the College or affects its image within the community.

In such an event, the Vice President of Marketing will formulate the message and communicate with the media and College officials per the emergency procedures guide.