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Marketing & Public Relations

Graphic Design Standards

Our visual identity should be considered an integral part of every avenue of communication.

The core of a graphic identity is a symbol or logo. However, an identity system is more than that. It is a structure that helps us present information clearly and with distinction. It is up to all of us to protect and be conscious of its use.

The North Central Marketing Department oversees the design standard. Please direct your questions or requests for information to:

Graphic element of the college logo

The College LOGO

The College logo is made up of two images: A sun, and a reversed tree image. The logo can be used on its own or with the authorized word mark.

The logo should be incorporated into external communications as much as possible and must be consistently applied within the guidelines herein.

the college word mark

The College Word Mark

The Word Mark is a unique typographic element displaying the full name of North Central Michigan College.

The Word Mark should be used in conjunction with the logo to make up the College Signature. The signatures shown in this document are the only authorized signatures to be used.

college logo with word mark to the side

Logo and Word Mark Use

The use of the Logo and Word Mark as Signatures is restricted to North Central, its departments and administrative units. Students should not use the Logo, Word Mark or Signatures without the consent of the College. Logos are available in Outlook or through North Centralʼs College Communication department.

The official Logo and Word Mark should appear in a prominent position on all communication documents. There are various ways the Logo can be used, depending on the output device of the user and the format.

correct uses of college logo and word mark  

Use of address or taglines

If the address of campus is to be used with the logo, it should be Helvetica font no smaller than 5 pt type and should fall in the wide proportions of “MICHIGAN COLLEGE”. All words should be spelled out completely.

Any tagline adopted by the College may be put in place of the address using a distinct font style approved by North Centralʼs College Communication department.


If a color version is used, the correct Pantone colors are PMS 287 (Blue) and PMS 130 (Yellow). The colors must be applied as shown above. Other colors to be used are Black, Grey, White, Grey, or any percentage of the two pantone colors.

Black and White

For black and white, the correct extension formats are .tif and .bmp, which are compatible with desktop printers. The encapsulated postscript file extension .eps, is preferred for reproduction using postscript devices such as laser printers or for files being sent off campus.

The gradient black is the most preferred; however it is recommended to use the solid black for items which will be photocopied. If none of these logos will accommodate your needs, contact the College Communication Department.

Note: The logo must not be distorted or changed in either proportion or color. Contact CCD for assistance.


Use only these families of typefaces for North Central communications, legal copy, proposals, product brochures and data sheets, stationery, signage, conference materials and advertisements.

examples showing Helvetica and times new roman type faces

Letters, envelopes and business cards should not be reproduced without the proper logo and word mark.

Consistent Language Describing College

When referring to the College, capitalize College. Also approved, North Central and North Central Michigan College. We only use NCMC when referring to the NCMC Foundation. Use this where applicable:

North Central Michigan College is an open-door community college based in Petoskey, with additional locations offering classes and services in Cheboygan and Gaylord. North Central’s mission is to provide educational, economic and cultural opportunities for student learning, personal growth and community improvement. North Central is an Achieving the Dream Leader College and a Military-Friendly School.


Photos for placement on video screens or for use with news releases should be high resolution.

Video display screens

North Central has video display screens throughout campus. Marketing encourages the use of the video display screens instead of paper flyers and posters on walls around campus. This reduces paper clutter and keeps our campus attractive.

Course Promotion Template

The course promotion template may be used by faculty and staff. It is an editable document. Use the same font, picture location and structure as the template. Copies should be made on the bizhub. Student services must approve the flyer before posting on the appropriate bulletin boards. Templates can also be found in Outlook.

Approved bulletin board locations

All Student Services approved flyers must be posted on the royal blue pin up boards or tri-panel floor displays. DO NOT tape, glue or stick anything on walls, doors or windows. All postings must be applied with a push pin. If you canʼt use a push-pin, then you shouldnʼt be posting it there.

Approved Logo Variations

approved logo variations