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Business & Industry

BUSINESS Programs & degrees

Business degrees can be very useful in your future career, and though they can be difficult, they can also be quite rewarding. If you love working with people and are more of a logical thinker, attending NCMC's business programs could be for you. Business degrees and business development degrees can open many doors of opportunity.

A typical business degree can lead to images of cubicles and a number of co-workers in a stereotypical office environment, but a business degree can lead to several non-office working environments. NCMC offers some of the best degrees you can earn— and they can help you in entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, retail sales, resort and hospitality jobs, or even management positions in nearly all industries.

All employers are always on the search for intelligent and skilled leaders to run and manage their businesses. Learn below about the business programs we offer here at North Central Michigan College and decide which business degree is right for you.




NCMC's industry programs will enrich your problem-solving skills. These industry programs are specifically designed to enhance creativity and logistical skills, which encourages a well-rounded education. North Central's industry partners have helped develop industry curriculum that will solidify these necessary skills. Becoming skilled in the operation of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines and Computer-Aided Manufacturing programming software will help propel you into future careers.