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Online Learning

Are You Ready for Online Learning?



It's true — online courses are a very advantageous way to earn a degree — you don't have to think about parking on campus or campus housing.

However, earning your degree online requires that you are self-motivated, have consistent access to reliable high-speed internet and other necessary technology, and have at least moderate computing skills.


...but are you prepared to take online classes?

Learning Style
Computer Skills

To be successful in online courses, you must possess basic computer skills and feel comfortable reviewing content in a variety of multimedia formats. The following computer skills are examples of the skills needed to be successful in online courses:

  • Keyboarding
  • File management
    • Create, name, and save files
    • Organize and manage files
  • Email
    • Send and receive email
    • Attach files
  • Word processing and presentation software, such as:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Website interaction
    • Upload and download files
    • Post and respond to discussion boards
    • Take quizzes


Is your hardware ready for online courses?

Requirements for Technology

In order to be eligible for online courses, you must have access to reliable and consistent internet and a computer with up-to-date software. You need to have access to, and have the capability to use:

  • High-speed Internet (i.e., cable modem, DSL)
  • Web browser (free) — the most updated version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari is highly recommended
  • Microsoft Office (Free to North Central students as part of your tuition).

• Students, please login to the Portal at, and click on the "My Office 365" button to download your free copy of Microsoft Office.

  • Adobe Acrobat reader (free)
  • Some instructors have more software or computer requirements, so make sure you check the course description in the course catalog to find out whether an online course has special requirements.