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Associate of Applied Science Graduates

The following students* have completed the requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree.

Graduation honors are denoted as follows:

*With Distinction    |    **With High Distinction    |    ***With Highest Distinction


Annabelle Grace Arman 

Amanda Jean August 

Xander Andre Becenti  **

Corey Lee Bennington 

Malcolm Anthony Krueger  ***

Zane Rea Newton

Lynette Ross  **

Business Management

Tamara Dautel 

Anson James Goodwin 

Paige Nicole Jones 

Rose Eisabelle Kenwabikise 

Haley Marie Robishaw 

Criminal Justice

Ethan T Crisp 

Brandon Scott Mason 

Zachary Scott Miller 

Amber Nicole Ramsby 

Billie Jo Solgot 

Keegan Tyler Whisker *

Early Childhood Education

Carys M Chimner  **


James Edgar Rowe Jr

Wendy Elizabeth Rowe 


Tiana Marie Bennett  ***

Tamara Dautel 


Natalie Aiken 

Brooke Ashley Beyer  *

Amanda Burns 

Keri Anne Carson  **

Rebecca Eve Clouser 

Elizabeth A Coenen  *

Jennifer Alene Escobar 

Isabelle Reece Fogle  **

Codie Arianne Galer 

Adriana Gilroy 

Ciara Holle  **

Emily Austin Lindeman  **

Rebecca Meadows 

Elizabeth Anne Moore  **

Madison Nicole Murphy 

Ryan Neal Osika 

Jeffery August Radle  *

Sara Recker  *

Allison Eve Sanchez  *

Lillian Joy Sarrault 

Sarah Anna Stoyk  **

Tayler Marie Walker 

Eric Zachary Wehner  **

Heidi Longway Wilson 

Morgan Dorrell Wooll  **

Office Administrative Services - Medical Emphasis

Harmony Anne Jobe 

Carlle Jones  **


Andrew Joseph LaHaie

James Anthony Mason 

Mason Joshua Tremble 

*The above list represents approved graduates as of April 14, 2023. Our Student Services team is reviewing transcripts and approving additional graduates daily. Please visit this page frequently for an updated list of graduates.

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