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International Lecture: Learn the Basics of Bitcoin and Open Blockchains

Date: Feb 25, 2021 - Start:07:00 PM - End:08:00 PM


Attorney and technologist Pamela Morgan, who has been working in bitcoin and open blockchains since 2014, will share her knowledge via Zoom at 7 p.m. on February 25.  

“Everyone seems to know the word ‘bitcoin’ these days, but not many people understand what it really is, why it has value, and how open blockchain technologies like bitcoin could impact our future,” Morgan said.

Licensed to practice law in Michigan and Illinois, Morgan teaches other lawyers how to use bitcoin and open blockchain technology to reduce risk and uncertainty in business and legal settings.  Her workshops have been lauded as providing “clarity amid all the hype.”  

Free event; preregistration required.

Read the full news release for additional information on this topic and Morgan's background.