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POSTPONED: International Lecture: Global Citizenship: Honoring Duties or Claiming Rights?

Date: Mar 19, 2020 - Start:12:00 PM - End:01:00 PM


The International Lecture scheduled for March 19, 2020, has been POSTPONED.

On Tuesday, March 10, two cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were confirmed in southeast Michigan.  These are the first two cases identified in our State.  With that announcement, Gov.Gretchen Whitmer declared a State of Emergency.  She spoke to all community college presidents on Wednesday, March 11, prior to a press conference, during which she outlined several recommendations for mitigating the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

North Central Michigan College is monitoring and evaluating college operations based on the latest information and recommendations from local, state and national health experts and officials.  To ensure the safety of our students, employees and guests, and to comply with the recommendations set by Gov. Whitmer, we are canceling or postponing on-campus events that meet or approach the governor’s 100-person threshold for large gatherings, including the March 19 International Lecture on Global Citizenship.