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Admission to North Central Michigan College

Welcome!  We're glad you've chosen to pursue your degree at North Central.

Applying for North Central Michigan College is FREE, fast and easy!

Our handy guide outlining the steps necessary to apply to North Central Michigan College and answering any questions about what you need to know to attend is here.

Admission to North Central Michigan College

The admissions department at North Central will assist you through each step of the application process.

To apply, please choose the application below that fits your student type.

  • Admissions Application
    Apply for admission here! If you are attending while in high school or a California Young American, use the applications below.
  • Attending North Central WHILE in High School
    Any current high school student (including high school students who are homeschooled) who wants to attend North Central Classes while still in high school.

For more information on our Health & Human Services Nursing program, click here.

For more information on our No-credit, short-term courses for professional development or personal enrichment only, click here.