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Life at North Central Michigan College is as exciting and varied as the individuals who learn and live here. There are students who live in our campus housing and those who commute to and from their classes and activities.

Connor LaJoice is at North Central Michigan College.
Facebook Post April 30, 2020  · Petoskey, MI

As I closed my dorm door for the last time ever, this just means another door is opening up. Where do I begin? North Central was by far one of the greatest choices I could've made to further my education.

From going there day one back in the fall of 2017 I was scared out of my mind because of this new experience. Fast forward all the way to April 2020 where I will be obtaining my certifications and get my degree this May. I will be getting my degree in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement, certified to work in corrections, and another certification to work as an EMT after graduation.

At North Central, I had experiences that I never knew would come to the table. I shared many many laughs, made the deans list, became an RA, shed some tears, let stress build into frustration, felt my first ever sort of affection this semester, and much more. *See the video of pictures/videos showing how much we laughed*

Community Colleges don't get the credit they deserve. Heck, I think you can get a better education through a community college since the classes only have about 25 people in them allowing you to get a real one to one connection with your classmates and professors. Let's not mention all the money I was able to save by going to this college to kick off my career.

Deciding to live in the dorms was also a great choice rather than commuting back and forth from my hometown in our awful Michigan winter weather. The dorms let me see myself as an adult, living on my own and being able to do what I want. The dorms only had about 120 people in them MAX, so you got to know everyone which was good, but that also came with some bad.

College is and will always be an amazing, yet stressful time within our lives. I was lucky enough to know exactly what I wanted to go into, so it made this a little bit easier.

I really wish I was able to walk on that stage in May, but sadly with this whole COVID-19 pandemic, I won't be able to do that.

To my friends and professors, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I will always be a proud "Fighting Ferret".


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Involvement runs the gamut from athletic teams, to numerous clubs and organizations, to gym and fitness opportunities, to creative learning and support in the library and university center. The College Store and Iron Horse Café are also available to assist with your class preparation and to attack those food cravings. You’ll find it easy to discover new talents and take advantage of a supportive culture while making life-long friends during your time at North Central.

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