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Orientation and Advising

Please call (231) 348-6605 or click here to schedule an Orientation session.


Summer and fall 2020 College orientation sessions for
Petoskey, Gaylord, and Cheboygan


All students seeking to earn a degree at North Central must attend an orientation or individual advising session.


There are two types of sessions: Orientation and Individual Advising.



Orientation sessions are for "New to College" students. New to College is defined as a student who has not earned college credits or was a previous Dual Enrolled student at North Central. Orientation topics include faculty expectations for students, resources at the community college, how to develop a successful educational plan, how to pay for college, how to register for college courses, what matters for college and more. Orientation concludes with registering for the current open semester classes. Orientation sessions take approximately three hours, once on this page scroll down and select from the following dropdowns: type of orientation, location, and session If you would like to view available orientation sessions in your area only, click here

individual advising

Individual Advising sessions are required for the "Returning to College" student. A Returning to College student has earned 3 or more credits at any college (other than Dual Enrolled at North Central. Dual Enrolled students will attend an Orientation session). The session is designed for transfer students, students with a college degree and former North Central students who have not attended in the past two years. An Advising session will recognize that the student possesses "going to college" knowledge and focuses on topics as they apply specifically to North Central. Topics in a session will include North Central programs of study, financial aid process, faculty expectations, and student resources. The session concludes with registering for the current open semester classes. Appointments last for approximately 1 hour. 


Please call (231) 348-6605 to schedule an Advising Session.